Friday, March 25, 2011

Patty's 4 Best Ideas for the Little Girls

1.  YOB Christmas Party. YOB=Boy spelled backwards.  This was an exclusive club consisting of me, Julie, and Andi.  (The Little Girls.)  On occasion we would let Kelly Langenohl come.  We talked about boys.  Duh.  At Christmas it dawned on me to kick our club into high gear with a killer Christmas Party. What is a successful, well-established club without a Holiday Celebration? The party was in our basement- which was not finished.  It had cement floors.  But there was couch and a TV and a whiteboard.  The whiteboard was the star of the Christmas Party.  Our main event was Win, Lose, or Draw Christmas Edition. I wrote all these Christmas phrases on pieces of uneven paper that I cut and put them into a little cereal bowl.  I hung a wreath that Andi made in school out of construction paper. So the room had a very Christmas-y vibe.  Sorta. There were snacks.  (Try not to laugh Andi.)  There were 2 little bowls.  Little like the size smaller than cereal bowls.  One had rolos in it (wrapped in the red and green foil) and one had Lays potato chips.  I know how to throw a party!  I think after a couple hours Julie and Andi asked if it was over and if they could leave.  You know a party is a good one when people ask to leave.
2.  Turning Our Room into a Jungle.  We shared a room in the attic.  No heat.  No air conditioning.  We had electric blankets in the winter and just suffered through the summers.  I think this idea stemmed from seeing a stuffed snake in an IKEA catalog.  I convinced the other girls that if we had a really cool themed room it would be so easy to keep clean and everyone would want to hang out in our room.  Our plans were over the top.  We could flip our bedspreads over so the all green side showed.  We'd get a few of those stuffed snakes to hang over the stairs.  We could buy fake flowers and vines and hang them all drapey from the ceiling.  Our lamp could be transformed into a palm tree.  We could tape tissue paper over the lights so they would shine in different colors.  We could get bamboo and put it on our walls and over our beds like a canopy.  There would be a ton of fake trees so it would be like a maze to find our beds!  This was going to be the coolest room ever.  It was a big dream that got as far as putting a green hula skirt that we found in the dress up over our floor lamp.  To make it a palm tree- get it?  And I had a small stuffed gorilla we set by the lamp.  What a rain forest haven we created.
3.  Summer Olympics.  I can't take all the credit for this idea.  Kudos to the ancient Greeks.  But I did come up with Olympics for me, Julie, and Andi.  Well, I was the judge- so it was Julie vs. Andi.  Some of the events were.  Rolling a garbage can to the top of the hill and back down.  Jump roping.  Timed slalom on your bike.  I think there were like 10 events.  I went to DiStefanos (local drug store that had one row for candy that we always referred to as a candy store.)  and got all the supplies.  And I got a prize (big bottle of bubbles) for the first place winner and made a certificate on the computer and printed it on purple paper.  VERY special.  I really thought the competition would be a little closer.  But Julie was ruthless.  She never gave Andi a chance to win.  As the competition was winding to an end and I was reviewing the days statistics on my clipboard (yes, I had one.)  Julie had won all the competitions and Andi...hahaha... poor Andi was just happy as can be- working her heart out- and winning nothing.  I realized I should have gotten a prize for her too.  While she was rolling the garbage can up the hill I talked to Julie about giving something to Andi.  Since she was trying to stinking hard!  I think (correct me if I am wrong) when the day ended Julie got the purple certificate for being the first place winner and ANDI the second (and last place) got the bubbles!  The things we do for our sisters. 
4.  Friday Food Feast.  Friday Food Feast revolved around TGIF.  Vicky and Krissy were gone and out doing things so I am thinking I had to be at least 14.  My dorkiness has lasted well beyond it's time expectancy.  Basically what I did was find anything to eat in the house and wrap it up in tin foil (so it was a surprise) and carry it down stairs to eat while we watched TGIF.  I made pepperoni inside of crescent rolls once.  That was a big hit.  I called it Patty's Pepperoni... something.  Ha!  I was such a little piggy.  The more food we could get the better!  The bigger the feast- the more fun we would have!

I love being one of the Little Girls.  Sisterhood Forever.

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Julia said...

I also managed to decorate one of the built in shelves with green construction paper and flowers and real grass for a jungle theme. Plus Jeff, the barbie, in his blue leopard print shirt on the shelf helped a little, too. Hahahaha!!

This post made me laugh so hard!

DoublClik said...

Laughed till I was crying, forgot about the jungle theme, did win the bubbles, still try to carry out Friday food feast. Can't wait to see you both, LOVE!

Lyner said...

It all sounds so much fun! I love growing up with sisters!

Karlenn said...

You guys crack me up. This is sooo the stuff we used to do when my sisters and I were little. Pats, you are quite the little manager. The perfect big sister. And I love the tween picture of you three. Hilarious.

Jackie said...

Enjoying your blog Patty. I am a "Bradley Girl" fan from many years ago!