Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Ga Ga

When I was pregnant I decided I never wanted to talk to my baby in "Baby Talk."  All the sugary goo goo gaa gaa schlumbo makes my skin crawl and my ears burn.  I felt like as a responsible parent and contributor to society I needed to educate my offspring on how humans interact with each other.  How they speak and communicate.  I don't hear adults going over statistics in a board meeting with over-inflated voices.  Reaching screechy-highs and making their voices sound like tickles.  Probably because they would all have headaches after 5 minutes.  So!  It was no baby talk from day one.  Now.  I constantly offer words of encouragement.  I drench Kole in praise.  He has a very strong support team.  I use very positive speech and phrases because I believe I am already shaping his self-esteem.  You may disagree- but the great thing is he is my baby.... so what you think doesn't matter that much.
Lately though, I have slipped into a rotten little habit.  It's more annoying than rotten.  It's annoying me and I can't stop.  When I talk to Kole.  I put a -y on to everything.  Kole-Y.  Jump-Y. Horse-Y.  So I end up saying in a normal toned adult voice.  Would you like-y to jump-y in your horse-y, Kole-y? Would you like-y to eat-y some baby food-y?  Do you want-y some oat-ies?  Take a napp-y in your crib-by.  Let's change-y your diap-y.  Look-y!  There's Kole-y!
Oh.  Gosh, Patty, Do you HEAR yourself?  It's Gross.  And that G most certainly should be capitalized.  You should capitalize the whole word it's that GROSS.  You are disgusting.  It's worse than baby talk. 
Make it stop.  Make it stop. 


Ohh So Pretty!! said...


Chris loves Julia said...

HAHAHAHA! Chris and I add -y to everything! We have embraced it. Greta, want a bathy? Sippy? Walky? lunchy?

Andrea Hernandez said...

I love that picture! Look at your shiny hair and his cute-Y patoot-Y face! Cant wait to squeeze him!

Andrea Hernandez said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Karlenn said...

Maybe that's why Kole looks at me like I'm crazy when I talk to him, because I'm definitely guilty of the baby talk.