Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And He's All Mine

Kole is really into "No Way Jose."  For a long time he left out the "way."  So it was "No Jose!  No Jose!"  Poor poor Mexicans.  Kole was always denying them whatever they were asking for.  Without fully grasping the fun in "No Way Jose," you know... the rhyming... Kole started using it to answer in the affirmative about a week ago.
Me:  Do you want jelly on your toast?
Kole:  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!

Me:  Would you like to take a walk with me and Joey?
Kole:  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!

Me:  Do you want to wear your bad-azzzz motorcycle shirt today?  (Notice I said azzzzzz.  I don't swear in front of those tender delicate ears.)
Kole:  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!  Yes Jose!

It's catchy.  I can envision my sister, Victoria, and her wife saying it around their house.  I think Cornapple caught on over there.

Kole was running around acting kerrr-azy.  Jumping off the couches, trying to do a somersault, doing donkey kicks, spinning in circles, showing me his belly, shaking his bum, clapping his hands, rolling on the floor, and cracking himself up.  I (was in a good and patient mood and) said, "Koley, you're acting like a wild animal!"  He said, "Yeah!  A WILD COW!"
extended pause
You know how crazy those cows can get.  All that standing in fields.  Grazing.  It even sounds outrageous.  Ehh.  Maybe not.  If I was having a party and inviting the wildest party-ers in the animal kingdom... the cows wouldn't be on my list.  They'd be on my grill.  Buh-Domp!

I was feeding Kole lunch and he said, "When I was a younger boy I liked bananas."  When you were WHAT?!  You're 2 years old!  When you were "a younger boy"?  Where does he hear these things?  Who talks like that?  Is he watching Downton Abbey without me knowing?  Reading up on Pride and Prejudice during nap times?  He also refers to the kids in nursery as "the other children."  Not some kids or those kids or by their names maybe.  No... they are "the other children."  And if they will excuse Kole he has to go finish his Earl Grey and change for the royal ball.
Kole eating The Mixture.

At Christmas he got into the "See Ya Later Alligator."  I think since we where saying hello and goodbye so often... see ya later alligator popped up and boy was it fun.  Since then, he's gotten a little sloppy with it.  Or maybe he has just forgotten.  So he'll say "Bye alligators!"  or sometimes just "You're an alligator!"  Which tends to leave people a little flummoxed.  Some even look down at themselves and wonder what characteristic is alligator-like.  The claws?  The scales?  What gave it away?  If one doesn't make the see-ya- later-connection it is a rather unusual way to say good bye.


DoublClik said...

Bahahahah "on the grill" BA DUMP! I love how when I read your blog I feel like we're chattin it up leaning on a kitchen counter

Patty said...

Oh Andi. I wish we were chattin it up leaning against my kitchen counter.

Kar said...

Dude, he is so cute. "The other children." So very mature. I remember my cousin, who is only a couple of years older than Dylan, used to call my kids "the little ones." That cracked me up. My sister and I used to mix up No Way Jose and Yesirree Bob on purpose. We'd say, "No way, Bob," and "Yesirree, Jose." We thought we were so funny.