Monday, February 18, 2013


It's time!  It's time!  It's time! It'stimeit'stimeit'stimeit'stimeit'stime!  Have you picked your favorites for this year?   Have you placed bets against friends?  Have you planned on having your Bloggie Party catered?  What are you having?  Pigs in a blanket going on over here.  Wings with blue cheese.  Those deli-swirls from Sam's Club.  Yup.  We've got em.  Who are you bringing for you plus one?  Did you get invited to the after party? (you did.)

For the main event!

It is my honor each year to recognize my fellow bloggers.  You guys put in the time.  You share you life with me.  Your ups are phenomenal and your lows... worry me.  This year each of you has made me laugh, made me rethink things, and made me glad to be apart of your blog-o-sphere.  You're out there treading water, growing bit by bit and it's high time I recognized you for your efforts!   You might feel like you are a little fish in a big bloggy pond.  And you might think nobody looks at the little fish.  But I do.  I look every day!

Best FindMeagan Tells All
She's got little ones.  And she's honest about it.  Nothing new there.  I think a majority of bloggers are "honest."  But she post pictures of her with no makeup.  And she calls her baby "squish."  And you feel good and safe reading her blog.  It's a comfortable place.  You breeze in, have a lemonade with the girls, and breeze out.  Feeling renewed.  She makes you want to know her in real life.  And I've been reading her undercover for at least a year.  Just became an open follower and commenter.  Join the masses.  You'll love it.

Best Commenter doubled as The Perfect Stranger: Beth Willmore 
 Don't think ol' Beth-y has a blog but I sure wish she did.  (OpenHint.  OpenHint.  OpenHint.)  She just popped out of nowhere and voila(!) we're blog friends.  Isn't that the best?  I guess it's sorta one sided since... she just reads my blog and comments on my blog and makes me feel good about my blog.  And I just soak it all in.  Thank for the one-sided blog affection, Beth!  Her comments are little conversations.  Cutesy, cutesy, cutesy.  Always more than, "This was great." or "Nice one, Pat."  or the worst, "Lol."  She converses.  And it's brilliant. Hands down... Best commenter of 2012.

One Liners AwardKar's Kith and Kin
Karlenn's blogs are so well thought out.  She is of English Teacher background and I wonder if she doesn't outline her posts before writing them.  They have such flow.  And they are loaded with great one-liners, zingers, and nuggets.  Sometimes its a song lyric or a well-placed movie line.  Sometimes (like a few days ago) it's just a phrase you haven't heard in AGES.  Like "Your funeral."  I died!  The blogger's got skills.  She also has really clever captions for her pictures.  Especially on the side-bar.

Want a Quick LaughLife On The Muskoka River
Kathy doesn't know who I am and that doesn't matter.  She cracks me up.  She talks about "tooting" at work.  Tricking her kids.  Family trips gone wrong.  Family trips gone right.  Her dogs.  Her favorite movies.  She throw in funny pictures and swear words here and there.  She's like a crazy neighbor.  But the good kind.  Is there a good kind?  I just know whatever she says is going to hilarious.  Maybe I'll be her in 20 years.

Makes Me Wish I Was NerdierVive le Nerd
Josh is a dad and a blogger and a nerd and writes a little bit of everything.  He is one of three male blogs I read daily.  He is witty and clever and into writing a novel.  (I forgive him for that.)  And sometimes his posts are about Dr Who or Star Trek or Star Wars or zombies or some nerd thing I don't even know the name of.  And I read the post in complete confusion and then read the comments and everyone is all cracking up.  And all I can think of is "I wish I was nerdier."  He's worth the read.

Keeps Me Waiting (a nice way of saying LEAST UPDATED)Munns Funs and Tori
Come on you two!  Quit slacking.  Post pictures of your kids and let me back in the loop.  Tori I can't even find a link to your blog.  Where ARE you?!  Larae, I've given up on you.  Sorry Toots.

Most Loyal Reader Who Never Comments Lyner Jo
I'm taking your word on this Lindsey.  Lindsey is a newly married hottie.  She's got to have oodles to blog about...but she's busy with work and meeting the late night needs of her husband no doubt.  But I know she checks in on me and mine all the time.  So, Bravo Lindsay!  (Not sure how to spell your name, babe.  So I tried every which way.)

Mystery Reader: You! Miss Never-Leaves-Comments
You who never comments.  I don't even know who you are.  I don't even know how you feel about what I write.   But I'm glad you're there.  Making me smile anytime I check my stats.

*Sigh* That was fun.  Let's see what 2013 brings.  I hope you losers can win next year.  I do openly accept bribes.  And winners!  Winners!  Your speeches?

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Lyner said...

Oh man I don't even know what to say! I came on here to just see who won and cheer them on and then I am on here! I won an award! Thank you thank you...And really I do read this blog...My New Years Resolution is to comment more on your blog because I really do read it :)

Patty said...

@ Lyner: I'm part of your News Year's Resolution? Whoa. How can I help you succeed in this?

Juli said...

LOVE Cathy at LOTMR... she is that crazy neighbor... if we want to live in CA. :) And hello.... Joshua... love him... he helps me understand Bonus Brother.

I'll have to check out the others. Except for the mystery blogger... I also have that too.

Kar said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I can't believe I won a Bloggie!!! This totally made my DAY! No, I don't outline my posts beforehand, but dang, it's nice that you think so. :) Hahaha! Now wait. How can you tell from your stats the individuals that are looking at your blog?? All I can tell is where people are coming from. Ugh, I'm such a technophobe.

Kar said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I can't believe I won a Bloggie!!! This totally made my DAY! No, I don't outline my posts beforehand, but dang, it's nice that you think so. :) Hahaha! Now wait. How can you tell from your stats the individuals that are looking at your blog?? All I can tell is where people are coming from. Ugh, I'm such a technophobe.

Beth Willmore said...

I'd like to thank the academy, and all of my fans. Without them I would not have won this award. I also want to thank Patty for the hilariousness that prompts me to comment whole novels at a time! I'd also like to thank my family for giving me the reference to "get" your blog!
By the way - I totally DO have a blog and it's crazilly honest (is there such a word)? and the Mr. is always saying, "You seriously can't write stuff like that on the blog!" Whatever dear, start your own blog and write whatever you want...

So e-mail me at and I'll send you an invite! The Mr. is a cop and so was very insistent about a private blog because he thinks we live in the ghettos in New York City and that local crime bosses will want to kill his family if they find out who they are. Oh wait, we live in Rexburg... Can't wait to add you!