Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Somedays are just good.

Today while I was effortlessly feeding and dressing the cubbies, I realized "I can do this!"  I said it in an upbeat and manifesto type voice.  (Yeah.  Out loud.  There was a 2 year old and a baby present... talking to yourself out loud is productive.  Not cray cray.)  It's taken just over 7 months but I am in the swing of having 2 kids.  My next thought was "I AM doing this!"  So much for can!  I'm there!  In it to win it, bay-bee!
And then I cocked my head and looked way out on the horizon and thought These two are alright.

Moms complain more about their jobs than any one else.  You never hear a receptionist, or a waitress, or an engineer, or the president go on and on and on and on about how much their job stinks and how much it wears them out.  But ask a mom and she will let you know exactly how bad she's got it.  And I am capital "G" guilty.  I think it might be because Mom's can't get fired.  But is that because they are the boss?  Or is it because the boss is 7 months old and can't speak?  Hmmm.  Are Moms employees or employers? For me?  It depends on the time of day.  First thing in the morning, I am very much the boss.  I make Koley call me Sarge.  Sometimes he cheats and just calls me Mom.  We are on a timed schedule.  Everything is chip chop "this" and scrub the decks "that" and mind your p's and q's.  But... when we roll to around 5:00 pm.  It's all pretty loosey goosey and the kids can have their way with the house.  And rules.  And snacks.  (Just kidding on the snack part, Ken!)  If the topic is "Complain About Your Kids" I might take a while to chime in... but when I do... prepare for a concerto.

This is wrong.


Kole is so stinking tender hearted.  I yelled at him.  Bad!  Last week and he didn't even react.  He just said, "Oh mom.  You're upset.  Come get a snuggle."  I hope he learned that from me!  And he's been a member of The Clean Plate Club at dinner more nights than I have lately.  He was eating broccoli a couple nights ago and saw I hadn't really eaten much of mine and said, "Try it, Mom.  It's not so bad!  It's kinda... good!"  He loves our daily craft time.  I lucked out there.  He doesn't even care if the craft is dumb.  Or unplanned.  Today I got construction paper and drew on it with a glue stick then poured glitter on top.  Wow.  Was he impressed.  So easy to make him happy.  But my very favorite thing about Koley-Q is that he is my cheerleader.  If I am doing dishes he'll pop his head in and say, "You're a hard worker, Mom!"  If I'm putting the vacuum away he'll say, "WOW!  That's better!  Good job, Mom!"   He's just a gem.

And my little Joey.  2 days ago Joey figured out that he can roll as a form of transportation.  Not just for exercise.  And it seems he finally considers himself part of the clan.  Now, when I walk to my room to get the next load of laundry and Koley-Bubby is following me... Joey sets off with a determined roll.  He struggles around corners.  But bless his heart for wanting to be close.  Joey also is a good eater.  No.  Joey is an over-eater.  Which the pediatrician said is okay and will fade.  No signs of that yet.  He eats four jars of baby food any time he sits in his high chair.  And then he wants a couple graham crackers and a 9 oz. bottle to slam it all down.  Porker.  Joey loves to get his head rubbed.  And he loves it if you sniff around his ears like a dog would.  Can't say I remember how I figured that one out.  Joey's best traits:  patient and long-suffering.  Typical little brother stuff I think... and hope. 

They are good good boys.  They are a lot of work.  But today I see it as enjoyable. 


Brett and Tiffany said...

What a great post! I love being a mom! Yesterday all 4 kids were home and I told Brett, "I love when all of the kids are home from school and I am listening to them play together and hearing one of them on the piano." It is nice to have them all safely at home after a day at school! Being a mom can be hard, but in my eyes it is VERY rewarding!
You are a great mom! Could you come over and have craft time with us?

Kar said...

Man, your kids are babes. And you're right; it's important to remember all of the good things about your cubs. I should do a post like this. And I'm glad you've hit that, "I am doing this! I can do this!" phase. It really does take awhile to get there.