Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm A Go-Getter

I've been thinking about the goals I set 52 days ago.  (26 days until Spring, 171 days until my 29th birthday (the age I've been waiting to be my whole life), 306 days until Christmas.)  It's seem like the year started a long time ago.  Winter blows.
I set the normal goals I always set for myself: workout, save money, make a schedule for the kids, fix my bed everyday.  And then as a couple weeks passed I got to thinking that I made really boring goals.  Which would follow suit for my boring life.  And sad sad woe is me.
And then, towards the end of January, I switched Goal Gears.  And I made fun ones.  Things that I really wanted to do.

A sampling, mon chere?

1.  Order something new, that I've never tried, when we go out to eat.
I love going out to dinner and I always order the same thing.  Name a restaurant and I'll tell you what I always get.  Outback?  Did someone say Outback?  House salad with Tangy Ranch 86 the maters.  Tassie Buffalo Wings with blue cheese sauce and don't forget the Blooming Onion.  Uhhhh.  Garcia's.  Tampico stuffed chicken.  Coke. With lime.  Olive Garden.  Come on.  EASY!  Soup, Salad, a Breadsticks.  Zuppa Toscana soup.  And if the menu is overwhelming I cruise for Chicken Strips (and mashed potatoes) or Country Fried Steak.  I always get the same things.  But this year?  2013?  No repeats.  All new things.  Even new restaurants.  That's mostly because I married a man who is firmly against chain restaurant dining.  Unless its breakfast on Saturday and then you'll find us at The Village Inn.  It's a fun goal.  One that's fun to keep.
2.  Take a Continuing Education class.
Not some Institute Religion Class from BYU.  I've still got a chip on my shoulder about my whole experience there.  But I wanted to do something to meet new people and enhance myself. (You didn't there WAS room to improve, did you?) So!  My 3 options are Toastmasters, Master Gardener, and Pottery.  And, I say "options"... but let's be real here... I'm doing all three.  I looked into some pottery classes and they are all full but I called and am Numero Uno on the roster for summer at the Red Kiln.  Before weeks end I'm going to get info on the other two.  Toastmasters would be great for my inability to small talk. Personal example and personal example. And Master Gardener? I mean, yes, yes, yes!  That is me!  I just need that 3 pack of floral gloves from Costco and a big garden hat.  (Hint: 171 days until my birthday....there's two perfect gifts right there.  Ken?  Are you reading this?)
3.  Talk to Strangers.
Not scary strangers... but like the check-out people at the grocery store, the local librarian, people I don't know at church.  My Mom and father in law are really good at this.  In totally different ways.  My father in law knows all the workers, by name, at his local Albertson's.  And they all know him.  And my Mom will talk to people while she's waiting in line at the bank, or store, or post office.  She's friendly without being obnoxious.  Like, she'll tell a kid with crazy hair that it looks really good and ask where he goes to get it cut.  I was in Walmart and the woman in front of me had a beautifully tied scarf.  I asked her how she tied it and she showed me!  My own personal demonstration, right at Walmart.  It takes a little bravery- but people (so far) are very accepting.  ONE TRIBE YA'LL.(clap) Oh OHH OHH (clap) Oh OHH OHH One Tribe Ya'll!
one planet, one race it's all one blood, don't care about your face the color of your eye or the tone of your skin don't care where you are, don't care where you been Wha? Wha? Wha? One Tri One tri One tribe ya'll.

 Joey loves dancing with me to that song.

4.  Look up.
I have a nice life in a nice world.  Look up and enjoy it.  Look up.  Look up at home, at the store, at the gas station, when you're taking a walk, shoveling snow, getting the mail.  Look up with your eyes, with your face with your heart.  Feel good.  Look up.

And just for some additional hoots, here's my goals from 1997.  I was 13.  I'm so glad my mom saved this stuff.

Please Notice:  I was going to run once a week but exercise daily. ??? Wert. I wish I could remember who Tiesha was.  I know one thing...She had long hair.  I like the little clock I put by my time frame for reading the Book of Mormon.  Always been uber creative.   I felt the need to have an emergency/Christmas fund when I was 13.  I guess if an emergency didn't crop up I would have Christmas money.
...and what about that very last goal.  Cross stitch.  You go super cool Patty!  Get involved!


Kar said...

I LOVE THE BLACK-EYED PEAS!!! Those are fun goals. The reason I never make resolutions is because they're not fun. They're a pain in the butt. And I always fail. I need to just make fun goals. You always teach me to enjoy life, Pats. I love that about you.

Juli said...

A) I am friendly and obnoxious.

B) These are great goals... goals about doing the dishes every night before bed get old REALLY quick.

C) I had no idea you were Mormon. Not that that it's really relevant... I just can't believe I had no idea after reading so long.

D)My goal this year is to get rid of the debt... so far so good. Course I have not hit that dreaded "must spend money stage"

E) I have no idea why this is bullet pointed and lettered....

Beth Willmore said...

Ok I am cracking up here! Loved the swirly font on top of your 13 year old goals, that was like the coolest thing to do ever, and add some color and you were golden! Also loved the "gargle everyday" comment. Good for you to be aware of periodontal health at such a young age!

Your mom is amazing for keeping all this kind of stuff, I am thinking I should do keep more of the kids' stuff!

Patty said...

@Juli: I guess after 15 years I still have to work on being a good Mormon.

Chris and Dani said...

My favorite is #4 on your current goal list. It's a good one.

And I am glad that you were so focused on your dental hygiene. Gotta brush and gargle everyday. :)

(And it was Tiesha Crossley. She probably graduated soon after you wrote that list.)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

haha my favorite was Gargle daily! I am not even sure I really knew what goals were at 13 or at least I didn't take them this seriously! Also, I love your fun goals! What a great idea.