Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dead Pan Koley

I have zero good pictures of Kole sitting and being sweet.  They are all of him with food all over his face or rolling his truck around.  Or reading.  And Koley likes to sit and be sweet.  He does. Wait- no.  He likes to sit and EAT sweets.  I easily get those confused.  Maybe that's why the hips are getting wider and the booty is getting dimpley-er.  Mine.  Not Kole's.
So, this morning I decided to whip out the Nikon and get busy. I was ready to snap some great pictures to mount on our new walls and send to those ever-eager Grandparents.   I put him in a clean handsome outfit AND combed out his mangy bed hair (that still has some nail polish stuck in it.)  We went in his room- I opened the blinds... nice morning light.  My excitement was uncontainable.
Cameraaaa (click) on!
"Okay, Koley, Look at me!"
He crawls in the other direction.  I head him off.
"KOOOOoooooleeeeeey!  HI!  Looky at mommy!  *tickticktick*" That's me clicking my tongue.
He picks up a book and starts "reading" it to me.
My voice kept getting higher and higher.
"Kole!  Can you smile at me?  Hey buddy!  Look it's fun!"
This time he went to his puzzles and started throwing the pieces around.
I was persistent.
"Koley- Oley-Oooo.  Say chhhhEEEEEEEEeeeeese!"
He didn't even look up.
What is with this kid?
I kept at it for about 45 minutes.  I was exhausted.  I think Kole had a headache from listening to my pleadings.
 It was nap time.  He was cranky.  Heck, I was cranky.
I think this was a successful fail.
"I'm not looking up, Mom.  Face it."

Oh, yeah.  He's walking now.  Maybe we'll talk about that tomorrow.  Where my old world went, I don't know.

He's thinking of spaghetti and meatballs!

A little dopey looking here.

Great smile.  Wish I could see it.

His train is in there.

If only I didn't move.  And it was a little clearer.

Coming at me to take (and destroy) the camera.

Sick of the camera (and my high squeaky voice).  Nap time.

I don't know how anyone has any nice pictures of their kids.  I found it quite impossible.


Julia said...

The only way I can get Greta to stand (or sit) still for a picture is to put her on something. I stand her on an ottoman or the little table in her bedroom and she is still and smiles SO BIG because she is actually standing on something that's not the ground. I have about 6 seconds to take a picture.

Poulsen Family said...

I don't claim to have lots of good pictures of Max but I have found you take lots and lots and one out of the hundred will turn out :)

Anonymous said...

Cute even though he's not looking at the camera. I love the one where his face is cut in half. If only you could see the other eye it would've been perfect. In my opinion the best pictures aren't always looking straight at the camera!:) Go outside to a park or somewhere fun like that and take some pictures of him from behind and the side and the front. Outside pictures are SO much fun!!:)

SkippyMom said...

Dang is he a cutie. The "dopey" picture is my favorite [and no, I don't think he looks dopey at all.]

I have no suggestions to help get the pics you want because all my pics suck. Sorry about that. But you will cherish these pics I am sure. So adorable.

Julianna said...

Just be happy you have any pictures. Eventually they'll reach 9 and 10, tell you your a dork and to "put that camera away!"


And then you'll continue to take pictures, and all your vacation photos will have "angry stink eye" and will be a multitude of butts running away.

Not that I know any thing abought this, or anything...

DoublClik said...

I gotta say kid candids are the best, forget about them looking right at the camera and smiling. Catch them in action, I for example love the one where you see only half his face! Artistic and natural