Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking Go-ooo-od!

Last night I told Ken I was feeling a little "droopy." That word was totally new to him. I know, right? Droopy.

Meaning: ..... lowered shoulders, lots of sighing, a little tired, kinda bored, maybe sick, frumpy.
You know, droopy.
He told me to get dolled up and go out.
I shook my head.
Where would I go?
I don't have any friends here yet. I don't have anywhere to go. Woe is me.
It was the Droopster talking.
15 minutes later I was doing my makeup and slipping on the shiny new flats Vicky sent me for my birthday.

I went to Rue 21. Have you ever been there? It's for teeny boppers. And moms that dress like teeny boppers. (Which I can't STAND!) I browsed for about a half hour and would say "Oh I love that!" and then turn and see something else and "OOOOooo!!! That is gorgeous!" Soon my head was spinning and I was also turning in slow tiny circles in the middle of the store as I looked all around me. With my mouth open. (I've got to get out alone more often.)
I realized in my bombarded state that I don't really have a "style." There are articles that I like and that I think are lovely but they wouldn't work with my body type.
Which is: "The CCV"

Chesty. Curvy. Vivacious.
So I left Rue 21.

I started thinking about what I look best in.
Cardigans that go right past the top of my butt.
Dark jeans.
That are long.
Heels for to elongate my legs.

I look best dressed like a GAP ad. Put together. Belt showing. That modern classic classy look. Do you know what I am talking about?
I walked over to Kohl's.
It was close and it was a nice night.
This time I was looking with a purpose: FIND SOMETHING THAT FITS MY STYLE!
I bet most people have shopped that way their whole lives.
Not I! I only started last night.
I found something too.
A staple for my wardrobe.

And THIS is a teeny tiny picture of them! Hahaha. I can't get it any bigger without it being blurry. It's Croft & Barrow Cable Knit Open Front Cardigan. And I'm pretty sure it was made for me. See how the sweater curves back? My body loves that look. And it doesn't come down past my rear-end? So it won't look like I stuffed some pillows under the blanket I am wearing. Oh they were gorgeous. I wanted to buy all of them. But figured I would start with the black. Next month. When I get paid.

Wmmaaaaah Wmmmaaaaaaaaaaaah.


Jeannie said...

I don't have a style - unless "Costco" is one.

I hate the clothes that fit me so I'm trying to get my old body back. Then, I'll be back to style.

DoublClik said...

My wardrobe is slowly converting into H&M. Affordable, classic, and a little trendy. I died in Caesar's palace! It was an overwhelming 3 floors tall! Gahh! Spreeee!

SkippyMom said...

Wallene gets ticked when she sees a Mom trying to dress like her teenage daughter. She thinks it's stupid [as does her Mom, me!] And I think she is glad I don't attempt it. I could easily wear any of her sisters clothes, but I don't want to look 19. I like 45. And I am not frumpy. So :P I don't need "Hollister" or "Aeropostle" slapped across my chest to feel young.

I love the Croft and Barrow line at Kohl's - especially their shoes. OMG their shoes. And this from a woman who hardly leaves the house. But knowing they are in my closet, ready to make me pretty...yeah.

I certainly don't need another sweater, but that cardigan is adorable. Hmmmm. I may have to go look.

And your comment today [on my blog] was hysterical. Ben, Bruce, come quick. It's a satellite!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show! Okay, I know you didn't get it yet--I totally googled them (thanks for including the name) and I am gaga over the camel-colored and gray one. Alas, I don't make any money. :( Great find.

Here's a link in case anyone else wants a larger view.