Monday, September 19, 2011

Koley's First Haircut

This weekend, at the playground, several children referred to Kole as a girl.  Kids are kids and I get it.  But then this teenager by the swings was swearing and his friend slapped his arm and pointed to Kole and said, "Shut up, man!  There's a little baby girl in that swing."
What the heck?!
He dresses in blue.
He normally wears clothes with dinosaur, tractor, dog, or truck graphics.
He is really broad boned.

On the other hand....
His eyelashes are incredibly long and luscious.
He has a heart shaped face.
His smile is very tender.

But aren't all babies that way?  You know... soft.
Ken and I figured it was the hair.  We've always liked his long hippie hair.  Or 70s rock band hair.  Kole was channeling his inner Samson.  It was long and when he'd get hot and start to sweat it would get a little curly.  I thought it was adorable.   Apparently everyone else thought it was girl hair.

So, last night after his bath Kole got his hair cut. 
We just wanted to cut the extra scraggles in the back.
It's a little crooked.

You can tell we are amateurs.
He is now channeling his inner Friar Tuck.
I called Ken to tell him what it looks like dry since we cut it wet last night before bed.
"Sorta' like an A-line Bob.  Like my hair cut... but shorter."
He said, "Well I've never cut hair before.  I'm not a barber.  I'm a CFP.  Put that on your blog and smoke it."

What were we thinking?
What do you think... more girly now?


DoublClik said...

Haha Pattyyyyy, I don't know why it looks like a bob? Koley IS tender and has incredible eyelashes. I just love him.

Rita Westerbeck said...

It's ok----at least you did not layer it. THAT would look like a girl. Once when Mark was little a man asked me if he was a boy or a girl. But it was the way he asked that upset me. His tone seemed irritated and contemputous. I just answered that he was a boy. But I always wish I had said mine's a boy---what's yours? He had a manly man baby boy with him. You know what I mean--every artice of clothing, the professional haircut, the shoes--everything screamed boy. I think the father had questions about his own sexuality and that was the source of his irritation /concern.

SkippyMom said...

Nice hair cut. I have a saying "Hair grows back." So I never hesitated to cut my kids hair - until the girls got really long and then I got scared. heehee - But with the boys? Yep, Momma has a razor and she knows how to use it. C'mere. :hooking my finger:

I don't think he ever looked like a little girl - but people are always asking silly questions. I was asked all the time if my two middle kids were twins [they are a year and a half apart.] I just laughed.

vicks27 said...

Jenn and I read this aloud and couldn't get through it without cracking up. We love lil' Friar Tuck.

Julia said...


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Love the haircut, but you may want to leave it to professionals! haha Only teasing. I just gave Noah his first hair cut about 3 months ago...I feel like a professional now. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying while he's young and doesn't care!

Boy Crazy said...

You are hilarious, girl! "Friar Tuck". lol How cute.