Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Triple Header

When me and Ken were living apart we would cram everything we could into a weekend.  Outings to the park, zoo, movies, grandparents house, grocery shopping, walks.  We'd go to the pool and go get a movie and really live it up.  We'd stay up to watch 2 or 3 movies because we wanted it to be special.  Like a party.  And we ate a TON of junk food.  A party isn't a party without good snacks.
I figured once we were reunited- the fizzle would drizzle out and we'd spend our Saturdays plunking around the house reading the paper and doing Sudoku puzzles.
I'm pleased to report the fizzle still has sizzle!
We had a double... no, TRIPLE header this weekend.
Saturday was Pool Day.
I love love love to swim.  I love feeling weightless.  Especially these days when I am further from weightless than ever.  This pool has got a lazy river, a water slide, and the best Koley attractions around.  Kole does not understand the concept of depth.  So he'll be crawling around in the kiddie section and start heading for the deep end, just bobbing his head along.  Soon the water is to his chin- but he will not be deferred.  I think he would try to crawl across the whole pool.  (Like that one part in Pirates of the Caribbean.)  He gets really confused when water starts going in his mouth and he can't breathe.  Now, we obviously pull him out before anything dangerous happens.  Gosh.  We are his parents.
The pool has a wicked water slide for kids me.  It's two stories high.  I set two records Saturday.  One for "Most Personal Rides" down the slide and one for "All Time Highest Speed."  I'd cross my legs and arms, lay down and try to make myself as water like as possible.  I was zooming.  And would come shooting out the bottom going like Mach 5.  Yeah.  The 8 year olds were really jealous.
(Pssst.  I totally made up those records.  They don't really award them.  Though they should.)

Our next treat was lunch with my sister, Jules-a-bug-Stinkweeder, her husband Chris, and their daughter Greta-Babe.  We met at Caputo's on Labor day.  I love it there.  Ken was a super doll baby and got me a WHOLE Caputo (not just the half), and big ole' Coke and 2 cookies for later.  Does he know me or does he know me?  I really should have opted out of the Coke.  Pop makes me sick.  But I like it so so so so sosososososo much.  I think any day can be made better by going out to eat.  (Why do I act confused about my weight?  I eat ALL the time!)
Our last big hitter of the weekend was the Hogle Zoo.  Now.  At lunch, Jules and I decided that the Pittsburgh Zoo is the all time greatest zoo.  That's where we are from.  Pittsburgh.  Not the zoo.  I was certainly prepared to be let down by the Hogle Zoo.  I was prepared to stick my nose high in the air.  But, as it was, there was no need for that.  The Hogle Zoo delivered!  It was big and clean with lots of good animals.  Not just like, donkeys and goats.  (Which, let me tell you, is what was at the zoo in Germany.)  There were lots of interactive stations to learn more about the animals.   Which will be great for Kole when he's like 7.    I learned that I weigh as much as an elephant poops in a month.  See?!  Kole will go crazy for that in like... 6 years.  The zoo had a killer gift shop which IS on my list for What Makes a Zoo Good.  AND!  We stopped and got ice cream at one of the many Concession stands!  We NEVER do that!  It was a blast.  Kole ate most of my cone... that little stinker.

So, yeah.  We're still renegading our weekends. 
And I love it.


Brett and Tiffany said...

OH so much fun! Spending time as a family is the BEST!!!!! We love Hogle Zoo too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds like you're on vacation!!:) I LOVE the Hogle Zoo!! I think we'll go back next year. I'm glad you're enjoying your time together now as much as when you were apart!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I am sure the water slide also gave you a wedgie and a free enema hahaha. I, do not like to swim...but I did like going down those slides and never walked away without one of those two things. PS. Hopefully that wasn't TMI :)

Second, I love Hogle Zoo! Awesomeness.

Glad you are making the most of your weekend, thats the way to do it!