Friday, September 2, 2011

Sans Naps

I put Kole down for nap number two Sunday afternoon.  He did his normal squawking that turned to chattering that turned to singing that turned to humming that turned quiet.  He was quiet for about three minutes.Then the humming started up and turned into singing that turned into chattering that turned into squawking that turned into full blown sca-reaming.  Ken, bless his timid heart, would look at me with these big worried eyes and ask, "Do you think something is wrong?"
"No.  I don't.  He was fine in there.  It was quiet and then he started it all up again.  I'm not going in there."
Half hour later the crying was really getting to me.  Maybe something was wrong?  Plus it was getting close to 5 anyway and there's no point in taking a nap at that hour.  Might as well wait until bed time.
So I marched my butt up the stairs and into Kole's room.
Now, normally, when he is crying and I go in there he is in his sleep position (flat on back, hands over his head, eyes shut) singing/screaming in all his sleep-time glory.  He hears me come in, opens his eyes, starts laughing, and scrambles to get up and rub it in my face how wrong I was to come in.  This is what I expected when I went in.
What I saw?
Koley standing in his crib totally naked.
"Where's your diaper, chauncho?"
Kole started smiling and then laughing and pointing at the ground directly at his diaper.
"Ohhhh... you're funny, huh?  Taking your diaper off, are we? Sleeping in the nude, are we?  You little turkey butt."
I bent over to pick up his diaper and he started crying and jumping.  I looked at him.  He was pointing in his crib.
I followed his little pointer finger and saw why he couldn't sleep in there.

There was a plum sized turd in his crib.

And I think Koley was afraid of it.
I just started laughing, picked Kole up, and called for Ken.
I couldn't blame the boy for crying.  I wouldn't want to sleep in an old poop bed either.
Kole started kicking and laughing and bouncing in my arms.  Apparently feeling safe from "it"  and seeing the humor in the situation.  Or maybe he just really likes being naked.

Monday was really hot.  I decided (foolishly) to let Koley sleep in his diaper for one of his naps.  He slept fine and when I went in to get him- Kole was a little naked Indian boy jumping around his crib laughing and making coyote calls.

Time to scratch the diaper naps, the Master Mind has figured out how to take them off and sleeping all nakey is his prefence.


SkippyMom said...

I wish I could've gotten two naps out of my kids at that age. One was all they would do when they got that old.

And now the diaper removal. Hmmmm. I don't usually do advice, but I do have two words:

Duct tape.

Julia said...

Hahahaha! Oh no! Koley! Sometimes when I go get Greta in the morning, her pjs are completely unzipped. She has been known to take off her clothes, and occasionally her diaper, but we have been lucky enough to not find any "plums".

DoublClik said...

How terrrrifying to be lying with it! This made me laugh out loud when he pointed at it! Baaa hahaha