Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truth Is...

I'm trying one of these Linky-Dinks.  Don't hate.  Participate.  (And don't hate for the gangster cliches.  I know I'm so white.)

Truth Is...I feel rich when I drink bottled water.  Especially SmartWater or that Glaceau.

Truth Is...I make my bed everyday.  Mostly because my husband wants me to.

Truth Is...when I get mad at Kole (it happens... like when he smashes a bottle of fingernail polish on the rug and then smears it in his hair and in his mouth and on his clothes all in the 2 seconds it takes for me to reach him) I hug him really hard and start singing.  And then it goes away.

Truth Is... I think that would only work with Kole.  I'm pretty good at staying mad.

Truth Is...I sleep with an eye mask on and encourage everyone to do the same.  You'll never go back.

Truth Is... Every day I think I will get fun mail instead of bills and ads.  Constant Optimist.

Truth Is... my favorite blogs (for the time being) are people I've never even met.  Her and Her and Him.

Truth Is... I want to dress up for Halloween this year.  Like Bellatrix LeStrange.  I hope I get invited to a party.

Truth Is...I wish I could talk to the younger version of know... ask her questions... get her opinions.

Truth Is...  I use "..." way too much.  It's a cruel, cruel habit.


Rita Westerbeck said...

Truth is Patty is a great person.
Truth is Patty is creative.
Truth is I miss Patty living close.
Truth is I knew the younger Patty and she was just as cool as she is now!!!

Be well!

Patty said...

Awww. Rita. I'm blushing!

SkippyMom said...

OOh, can I do your hair? I am good with a teasing comb. hee That would be an awesome costume - you would look great.

I am glad you did the truth is - isn't it fun. I really like doing it every week. Did you put your link up on Julianna's blog? She is a lot of fun too, like you.

I think I would fall over if one of my babies ever dumped fingernail polish. Eek. But ask me about the time Wallene [she was 2] tipped over a gallon of paint in our brand spanking new home, three days before Thanksgiving, which we were hosting. giggle. I think I did almost faint that day. Thank goodness for homeowner's insurance. It was actually Daddy's fault.

Thanks for playing!

Julianna said...

Truth is... I'm so glad you did my Linky Dink!

Truth is... I clicked on "and her" and now I know how you found me.

Truth is... I am now a stalker.

Truth is... just go with it, I'm a nice stalker, and I usually have cookies.

Truth is... I've only met two of my pen pals. And I love them all!

Rory Grant said...
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Rory Grant said...

Wow you picked some weirdo Scottish Dude as one of your fav blogs right now. I'd be wary of him lol.

Big thanks - Much appreciated :)

And you know what? There is something distinctly cool about drinking bottled water! Seriously, Dunno what it is but I feel the same way you do!

Sorry had to delete previous comment as my speech to text threw a hissy fit and put words where they shouldn't be lol.


Sandra said...

Awww, I love all your truths! I wish someone would invite me out for Halloween too, except my costume idea has more to do with naughty school girl...I guess I shouldn't be admitting that...And I should try your idea of hugging my kids when I'm angry. I wonder if that would have worked at defusing my anger last night towards my 13 year old...anyway, congrats on your newly published book!