Friday, April 6, 2012

"F" Is For Fluffer Nutter

One of our favorite games to play growing up was Trivial Pursuit for Juniors.  The age levels were like 6-10 and we played well into our teen years and prided ourselves on our intelligence.  For knowing things like the proper name of the Big Dipper (Ursula Major) and all the characters on the Rice Krispies box (Snap, Krackle, and Pop).

One of the questions that would really get us rolling was:
What do you call a sandwich that's made with peanut butter and marshmallow cream?
Answer:  Fluffer Nutter.

This made us laugh. 

You see, in our house (of 5 girls), if someone...passed gas... we called it a "fluff."  Or if you smelled something you'd say, "Who fluffed?"  In the house I grew up in the "f-word" was "Fart."  I didn't even know there was a much, much worse f-word.  Swearing was completely prohibited and besides the basic run down of bad words... we weren't allowed to say "Stupid," "Hate," "Kill," or "Shut Up."  And when "Suck" became popular we weren't allowed to say that either.  And, as ladies (of the 17th century), we called the  foulest of bodily movements... a fluff.  How dainty.

"Fluff" has always stuck with me.  Maybe because NO ONE uses that word or knows what it means when you say it.  We originally called passing gas "Bursting."  Someone bursted.  Which, if you think about it, yeah.  Someone did literally burst.  Out of their bum.  But then Cinn-a-Burst and Fruit-a-Burst Gum came along.  Sorta bursted our bursting bubble.  We came back to earth and renamed the function "Fluffing."  No idea why.  But, after Dad watched a game on Saturday, we'd go down to the TV room and cringe our noses and say, "It smells like fluffs down here."

Since then it has evolved into "tooting."  Which is likely the best of the three and what I will call it until my dying day.  I use "toot" in my home when one of the boys fluffs and laughs about it.  Yeah, even 20 month old Kole will fluff and smile.  He wants to be just like Ken. 
I just get uncomfortable saying "fart."  It sounds so dirty.  And stinky. 
I find burst, fluff, and toot to be much more likable alternatives.
Though the terms have stopped me from ever trying a Fluffer Nutter.  Or becoming a big Fruit-a-Burst gum chewer.
Just can't do it.


Chris Loves Julia said...

I am just rolling! ROLLLINGGG!!! This is right on. When someone says....f**t, I get red with embarrassment still. I mean, I am 26 years old and I can't handle that word. We don't talk about that in our house now, but I have been trying to teach Greta that when she does pass gas, it doesn't mean she pooped....and so "toot" has resurfaced.

Speaking of Greta, she looks just like me in that picture!!

Kar said...

Hahahaha! Ohhhh, I so love your vintage pictures. :) We don't say fart in our house, either. I called it fart growing up, so I don't know when I started calling it tooting. But that's what I call it now. We call Sadie, Tootie McGavin. She's a big-time fluffer.

DoublClik said...

Patttyyy i just read this out loud to mom and dad on a terrace at our bed and breakfast at sundown. We were rolling!!!!! Rory uses fluff! Learnt it from me, who else

Juli said...

In our house boys farted and girls fluffied.

Which had nothing to do with the marshmallow deliciousness that is a PB &F.


And FYI, men get all sweaty and stinky, while us girls... we glisten. :)