Thursday, April 12, 2012

"K" Is For Knockout

Which my sister, Andi, totally is.  Her secret is eat what you want and don't exercise.  Yeah- I tried that.  Somehow I didn't turn out so hottish.  Works for her!

She lives in Monterrey, Mexico right now where she teaches 9-graders how to use Mac. 
Because the girl can rock a Mac.
She's a bit of a visual enthusiast, an amazing photographer, and an expert at Photoshop.  (Actually scoring the coveted PhotoShop GURU Award last year in Vegas.)
She runs her own company too.  DoublClik Productions.
She specializes in "Magazine Ready" pictures.  So you can give her a picture of you when you first wake up and you're all zitty and blotchy and she'll make you look ready for the cover of Cosmo.  (Or Ladies Home Journal... whichever you read.)

She finds these "models" in Mexico.  Some are real models and some are just beautiful women that Andi becomes friends with.  She envisions a photo shoot.  And in time, carries it out.  The process really is amazing.  My favorite part is when she makes a video as a teaser for what is coming next.  All video and editing are done by her.  The girls got talent.

Here's her latest teaser.  There's something very Victoria's Secret commercial about it.

And the shoot did NOT disappoint.  You can see it front to back at

Allow me to reassure you that Andi is the goofiest girl I know.  The whole beautiful photography and amazing editing and seriousness of her work is a bit of a juxtaposition to who she is personality wise.  Though beautiful, smart, and charismatic... Andi... is one of a kind.
Here's a gem of a video she to my e-mail 2 years ago telling me about a failed attempt at making gravy.

Eat your heart out.


Juli said...

Seriously? She cooks like me.

What is it they used to say in the old days? "It's s good thing she's pretty."

OH. And I agree, she's got some serious talent as well. :)

C.M.Brown said...

It sounds like you have a bad case of sisterly love. Nice to meet you, stopping by from A-Z Challenge.


Sharkbytes said...

She's beautiful. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

Tamara Narayan said...

Wow, awesome video. It's so sweet how proud you are of her. I hope my two little girls grow into this supportive attitude some day.

Jeremy Bates said...

Patti is a person after my own heart in that I eat what I want and rarely exercise. And you're right, it works well for her.

As a teacher, I am giving Patti a C- on her gravy. First and foremost, before one EVER begins a recipe, he/she should read it before proceeding.

Second, some substitutes work, some don't. Take the cream and basil for instance. Bad, bad Patti!

Finally, since she is indeed beautiful, and because she talks like a teacher (proper annunciation), and moreover gave a decent effort, I let her slide with the above-mentioned grade. lol

Anonymous said...

Damn, I can't do that eat what I want don't exercise method easier.

DoublClik said...

Jeremy Bates, Im Andi, the girl in the video. My sister who wrote this blog about me is Patty.