Saturday, April 7, 2012

"G" Is For Giant Baby

Does 11 pounds qualify as a giant baby?
To me?  Yes.
To Hagrid?  Probably not.

But 21 months ago I birthed Giant Baby Kole.  At 11 pounds he was certainly the catch of the day.  All the nurses came in to see him and doctors stared in awe.  It was the first proud mommy (<-- hate that phrase) moment of my life.  Kole remained large.  His first Christmas, when he was 5 months old, he weighed 29 pounds.  His second Christmas, when he was 19 months old, he weighed 24 pounds.
He's becoming less rolly and more Koley.

I've been surprised in circles of other moms.  Apparently, it's common porch talk to discuss child birth and the weight of your babies and your rearing techniques.  When I first answer that Kole was 11 pounds no one says anything.  Like, I am telling a ridiculous and absurd lie that isn't even fathomable.  Then, I am accused of gestational diabetes.  Then, everyone congratulates me and tells me what a powerful woman I am.  (I leave out the part about crying through labor and telling everyone in the hospital I was about to die.)  And then everyone EVERYONE knows someone with a bigger baby.  "My mom's, old neighbor's, aunt's, third grade teacher had a baby who was 13 pounds... and a twin."  And then it's my turn to be amazed.  And skeptical.

With JBP on the way (due in less than 3 months... aaaahhhhhHHH...FREAK OUT!) I am feeling bad.  Everyone called Kole the "Miracle Baby."  Even before he was born- because supposedly I can't have kids.  So, what a blessing Kole was.  And then to be so rotund!  I mean the paparazzi wouldn't leave him alone.  But with this baby... there hasn't been nearly as much doting or miracle talk.  (Maybe people think I'm the Girl Who Cried Infertile.)
The doctors say he is measuring big again... I just don't believe it.  I'm getting the feeling they say that to everyone.  I mean the chances of having two Giant Babies are pretty slim.  (Though, I'm sure you know someone who has.)  And I'll just feel awful if this baby boy is like 6 measly pounds.  Already living in Kole's gigantic shadow. 
Does the poor kid even have a chance?


Lynn Proctor said...

wow you beat me--my first child was my largest at 10lb 4oz---my brother was over 12!

Chris Loves Julia said...

He could come out brunette. THAT would be something. ;) Can't wait to meet him!

Beth Willmore said...

OK I'm laughing so hard because that's totally true! It doesn't matter what you have to say about your labor/newborn baby, someone can always "top" it! "Oh yeah well your emergency c-section wasn't as BIG of an emergency as mine...." C'mon women, this is not a competition!
Good luck with another giant baby - and thanks for being honest about the labor (that you were telling everyone you were going to die). I also hate it when women are like, "the labor was such an amazing experience and I was so calm and just breathing through the pain and blah blah blah and I'm like "whatever, you were screaming and sweating and pooping yourself just like everyone else!""
(Now I'll get off my soapbox and on with my Saturday)... thanks for the laugh!

Juli said...

After an 11 pound-er one would think you'd welcome a little one. Seriously, you could sneeze and he'd pop right out.


And even more seriously, if they just Popped right out, I'd have another.

36 hours with Oldest.... 27 hours with youngest. *sigh*

Anna said...

You should be congratulated for giving birth and taking care of your baby! You are an amazing mother!

But why is it that women talk to other women about their babies in a way that is similar to the way men tell war stories?!

My babies were not giants when they were born. Both my son and then my daughter only weighed 2.410 kilos (=5.3130511 pounds) and were 47 cm long. They were not especially premature, just small.

My children are still small for their age. Which means that my son has had trouble with bullies in school from the very first, while my daughter is considered 'cute' and the other girls almost fight over the right to play with her.

I wish you the very best!

(there are pictures of my daughter and son all over my blog. Even my signatur is niot really me, but my daughter)

MOV said...

so cute!!! love these pics.


SkippyMom said...

I don't know anyone with a newborn that big - but now I do! :)

I'm so happy that you dad him & that he is so healthy [both the most important things, I thinks :)] And 11 lbs is impressive, no doubt, but my first thought is "Better you than me. I'll take my 8 lb 8ozers [& below] tyvm." The thought of an 11 lb baby makes me want to build you a shrine & give you a certificate for massages for life.

I don't discuss my kids' births/pregnancies with other people, for a lot of reasons, but mostly b/c to me it's private. An intimate experience within our family. Does that make sense? If asked I'll share weights, due dates - mundane stuff - but overall everyone's experience is different & I find it a poor excuse for competition when women try to outdo eachother on the "horrors" they went through when a large percentage of them don't truly know what it means to actually struggle through conception, pregnancy or birth. [My sister being the poster child for the "It was horrible" brigade. I just look at her & ask "Were we present at the same births?" heehee]

I truly wish you all the best and I'm so happy you are expanding your lovely family. Enjoy!

Kar said...

That's so funny that he weighed more at five pounds than he did at 19 pounds!!! Wow, I can't believe you only have three months left! It's going by so quickly! (For me.)

Natalie said...

Awe I miss Rolley Polley Koley! Pat you should be proud of yourself, that big of a baby just means more to love right?

Gossip_Grl said...

WOW on the giant baby- for sure. I had one who weighed 10lbs and was 23 inches. I had some problems with sugar while pregnant which made him bigger.

Anonymous said...

Considering my kids were 4,13 and 4,0 respectively, I think my scale is a bit skewed.

Bonnie said...

I am terrified of this! We've been married just over 2 years now and my doctor is pressuring me to get knocked up because I'm old. (Is 31 really that bad?) I was 8lb 10 oz and my brother was 10lb 13oz and he nearly killed my mom. My hubby is a big guy, too; 6'3", over 200 lb. I'm 5'4" but I have my mom's hips. Still... big babies freak me out...

Patty said...

@Bonnie: Big babies... can freak you out... but they are really fat and chubby and squeezy!