Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Q" is for Por QUE?

I'm a mother against television.  We don't have cable and our selection of DVDs is pretty minimal.  Ken and I just aren't into it.  We like to read.  And I'm pretty big on puzzles.  I like Sudoku as well.  We're average hermits.
I've never put Kole in front of the TV to go do something.  Aside from it being a black screen-  in my masterful opinion it's bad for brain development. 
...last week I was not feeling good.  And Kole was being a stink cranker and I caved and for the first time in his 21 months of life I put a movie on for him.  Disney's CARS.  His attention held for about 15 minutes which was all I needed to recharge.  I sat there with him and watched it and something was really irritating me about the movie.  I'd seen it before.  And I didn't fall in love with it.  And this time watching it was like nails on the chalkboard.  Really disturbing.  But I couldn't figure out why.
After Kole went to bed I watched the whole thing.  The whole 2 hour kid movie.  And I was on edge the whole time.  I pin pointed that it was something mismatched about the voices.  Not all the voices.  Just Lightning McQueen and Sally the Porsche.  (Don't love that they named her Sally.  It's Mustang Sally and Patty Porsche.  I mean, come ON!  Everyone knows that.)  I knew Owen Wilson voiced Lightning McQueen.  Nothing wrong there.  I had to rely on Wikipedia to tell me who voices Sally. 
And therein my problem was solved.

Bonnie Hunt.

Paired as the love interest of:

I just don't see that as plausible.  She's only 7 years older than him.  But for some reason she seems and SOUNDS more like a mother than a girlfriend... or a sexy car. 

I wish I knew why they picked her.  It's ruined the movie for me.
And Kole's chances of ever watching it again.


Kar said...

I sooooooooo agree with this! It's always really bothered me! She is wayyy too motherly to have voiced Sally. It should have been, like, Rachel McAdams or something. Someone younger and edgier.

Mike and Madelyn said...

Whats wrong with an older woman? Cougars need loce too! Or maybe Im sensing some jealousy!

Joanne said...

I didn't much care for that movie at all. cars with just didn't make sense from the begining. Blessings, Joanne

SkippyMom said...

I sometimes wonder how my kids and I ended up with college degrees [or currently in college] when our pre school years had TV in them. And how has cable not been our downfall? [I got cable in High School and our kids beginning in Middle school] heehee I'm kidding, but really?

It's like everything else. Moderation. In some cases denying a kid of something just makes them want it that much more. Meh, that's just us tho'. Since we pay the bills I guess they realize[d] that if they abuse[d] it they'd lose it.

Bonnie Hunt has a lovely voice [I think she is a great comedic actress] and with the exception of the chance they saw her in "Cheaper by the Dozen" I would be hard pressed to find a kid, watching a kid's movie, to recognize her voice as being older's than McQueen's. But as a grown up I can completely see knowing the real actors behind the voices could throw it off for you.

Anyway I like the lesson it taught - fame and money isn't everything, and you always keep your promises, especially to your friends. Then again we're still watching Disney movies and some of the kids are in their 20s. heehee

Francene Stanley said...

I've never watched the movie, but I understand your reasoning. Movies influence the young. Heck--they even affect the not so young. I think each person takes away a little bit of the plot to form their personality. Blog on!

Michelle said...

My kids were too old to be into that movie (thank goodness) because the few parts I've been forced to watch with my young nephews have been soooo boring. The only part I liked was the sound of Bonnie Hunt...I just like her voice!

Tamara Narayan said...

It did seem like an odd choice, but Cars was way, way better than its sequel. If you think Disney is painful you haven't sat through Barbie movies.

Juli said...

They look more like brother and sister to me. And that's just creepy. My boy's favorite part of the whole movie is when they have the little flies flying around in one of the old houses and they are little VW beetles with wings.