Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Believe in Magic

When we were younger, my sister, Victoria, claimed she had magical powers.  She could do anything if everyone believed in her 100%.  If one person had one iota of doubt... her powers were diminished.  I can remember a Saturday when we were in charge of cleaning the garage.  (I think we had plans to make it into a rollerskating rink.)  We had completed and were left with a huge pile of dirt mixed with spiders in the middle of the garage. Victoria said she could make the pile disappear with her magical powers.  Rounds of "prove it" broke out.  Victoria closed her eyes, stretched out her hand, and the pile remained.  Someone didn't believe.  The magic wouldn't work.  Vicky assured us that one of us lacked belief.  Because her powers were real.
I was a believer then and I'm a believer now.
Victoria does have magical powers.

She travels, dances, judges food contests, paints.  She writes, runs in marathons, she has impeccable taste in .... gosh, everything.   Victoria is a force for good in her community.  People are drawn to her.
Like magic.
And it's taken me 28 years- but I think I've figured out her trick.
It doesn't matter if everyone or anyone believes she can do it.
Victoria believes she can do it.
So she can do anything.
Her magic lies within her because she knows who she is. 
When I listen to Victoria talk about her wife, her most recent publications, her latest favorite song... it's like an incantation. 
She pours her spell over me and suddenly, I feel magical too.
I'm excited about Hanson or organic farms in Allegheny County.  I care about things I had never heard of up until 5 minutes ago.  And not only that...
I feel like I can do anything and be good at it.

The key to Victoria's magic is confidence.

There is no need to be afraid of confidence.
Especially in yourself.  It isn't vain.  It isn't prideful.
It's comforting, inviting, and exciting.

If you don't feel like yourself...
Try new things until you find something that excites you.
Maybe it will be a musical instrument.
Or slam poetry.
Or taking walks.
Maybe you'll enjoy watching birds.
Watching movies.
Or crochet.
Eat foods you love and then try a dessert you've never had.
Visit a place you've never been.  And bring a book.
If you've tried something and don't feel comfortable.
Try something else.
Look in your local paper for classes that are available.
Pottery, gardening, writing, parenting, photography, karate, sculpting, bonsai.

Once you find what delights you, stick with it.

You will feel like a burning version of yourself.
Alight and alive.

You'll feel magical.


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Beth Willmore said...

How have you not been excited about Hanson or organic farms before now? I mean really, EVERYBODY thinks that stuff is awesome!

What a fun post about your sister and you're totally right, confident people have GOT IT GOING ON! :)

Rowena said...

Great post! I agree, you should try something new everyday and challenge yourself.

vicks27 said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute! Thank you so much for posting this :) I love it. (And I always knew you were a believer. It was those other girls we needed to work on...)

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have someone magical in your life! I'm working on my own sparkly powers! Great post x

Megan said...

I loved this. Very nice tribute to your sister. Great post!


Anonymous said...

I love this post -- especially the story of your childhood in the garage. I remember I used to watch "Bewitched," and I used to pretend I could twitch my nose to clean my room. Someone must not have believed though. :)

Michelle said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing some of your sisters magic!

ejwforeman said...

What a good post about a cool childhood memory! You're such a good writer! Good luck with the challenge this year.

Anne Mackle said...

Your sister sounds lovely.
Is Anyone There

Kar said...

I loved this post. :)