Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mommy On The Bus

The Wheels on the Bus is Kole's all time favorite song.  I haven't introduced him to Air Supply yet- so... ya know.  He has always really liked the "mommies on the bus" going "shh shh shh" and the "babies on the bus" going "wah wah wah."
A couple months ago we were singing it and I said "The daddies on the bus go...." and in a moment of panic (and cruel teasing) I sang "Pfft!  Pfft!  Pfft!" And I made the sound of one passing gas.  Kole was rolling.  He's two, so stinky things and toot noises are soooo funny.  Plus, Dads do pass a lot of gas.  Post here.  When Ken came home Kole wanted to sing him the new verse we made up.  Classic.  Point Patty.  She takes the lead.

I went to run some errands last week and Ken was home with the boys.  When I got home and asked about what happened in my absence; everything was reported as fine.
Yesterday me and Koley were sitting on the living room floor and decided to sing his favorite song.  We did the wipers, the driver, the wheels, the tooting daddies, the babies, and when we got to the mommies... Kole sang a different verse than before.

"The mommies on the bus eat LOTS OF SNACKS!  Lots  of snacks!  Lots of snacks!"

Touche Ken.  Touche.

Last year's A to Z: M is for Moot Point.  It's all those things I heard wrong... and said wrong for so many years. Moot point not mute point.  Nip it in the bud not in the butt.


Juli said...

You have no idea what Tony teaches the boys while I'm at work on Saturday... I'm beginning to think that Youngest has more of Tony's genetic makeup than his own biological father.

Rowena said...

I love your blog, you crack me up. I've just been back and read your other 'line' stories, brilliant. I don't think I would have the balls to have gone round to the neighbours house like you did!