Saturday, April 27, 2013

V and W...Very Wrong

As a parent... I do some things... very wrong.

It started last Christmas.  At my mom's.  We were eating these chocolates and Kole came up all dewey eyed and asked, "What are those?"  I didn't want him to eat one and didn't want to fight him about it.  So I said...

"Dog treats."

Psht.  No argument there!  That was easy! *smacks hands up and down*  I told myself- that was your freebie because it's Christmas.  But- I've fallen into a bit of a habit here.

Kole catches me sneaking some jelly beans.
"What's that?"

"Can I sleep with an engine tonight?"
"Ohh.... they are all sleeping in Tidmouth Shed already.  Sorry bro.  No engines."

"Can we watch that Wonder Pets again?"
"Sure! Oh!  Dang it!  Netflix isn't working anymore.  Rats."

"I can't find my truck!  You find it!"
"I think it got towed away for illegal parking. Bummer dude."

It's for everything. And it comes so so easily.
Bad Mom Certification is in the mail.
And- I'm trying to think of a lie to keep him in bed at night and make him go to sleep without terrifying him.

Could you lie to this face?
Uh.  Yeah.  ALL THE TIME!

Last Year's A to Z:  V is for Vices.  If you thought I didn't have any faults, you were right.
W is for Wasted Time.  One of my favorite posts ever.


Michelle said...

My 17 year old son swears up and down when he was 6 I told him I was cooking hamsters for dinner. It was really chicken cordon bleu. It's entirely possible I didn't want to waste my hard work on a 6 year old who only wanted to eat french fries, but I don't remember telling him that at all! Doesn't mean I didn't.....

Kar said...

Oh jeez. You are a way better mom than me. I would have been like, "This is chocolate! Here, want some?? It's so yummy!!"

Juliet Bond said...

Just discovering your blog for the first time as I make my way through the A-Z Challenge. Please check us out and sign up to follow if you like what you see. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

Juli said...

Oh honey... I've lost track of all the lies I've told.. :) But now Michelle's lie... that's AWESOME!!!

thelmaz said...

Just wanted to let you know I've listed my 26 favorite blogs from the Challenge, including yours. Stop by and see.

Dawn said...

I have to give it to ya for being the fastest to come up with some Awesome excuses!!! Your blog makes me smile EVERY TIME I read it!! Totally relatable!!
And.... I think you are a great mom!!! ;)