Tuesday, April 30, 2013

X, Y, Z It's Spring.

Spring makes me feel excited all over. 
When I'm inside I've been opening closets and cupboards and saying, "Ok!  Let's do this!"  I grab some empty diaper boxes and a Hefty bag and tear it up.  And I'm giving it to Goodwill.  Not the DI.  (Please.  Hold your applause until the end.)
When I'm outside I'm donning the gardening gloves (makes me less scared of bugs (applause would be appropriate here)) and digging.  I'm making mini-walls, creating flowers beds, and transplanting everything around here that's in the wrong place. 
And... in a way.  I feel like I'm transplanting myself.  Things within me that were in the wrong place, are being righted.
Has that ever happened to you?
It gets warm and breezy.  You spend the whole day in the sun...helping the Earth.
And after you're done working you lay on the grass and look up....
And you're blossoming into someone new?

Last Years A to Z:
X is for Xiphoid Process.  A little anatomy lesson. 
Y is for Yurt.  I know xiphoid process... yurt?  How many weird words do I know!  A plethora of them.  Ken wants to renounce humanity and live in a yurt.  Save me. 
Z is for Zeal  This post was about a bad day/week or so with Koley-Roosk.  (Did time really stop for a year?)  It is honest.  And lovely.  I loved re-reading it.  And I loved reading the comments.  I've got some good readers.

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Kar said...

I love that you love gardening as much as I do. We're the Gardening Girls. G.G.