Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Novice Advice.

Back in '95 I was working on my Gospel In Action award.  One of the requirements was "List ways you can become a better friend and practice some of them."  I was eleven.  And I had some damn good advice.  And I loved using WordPerfect.  Clipart was as fun then as it is now.

Points to Notice:
1.  Rude noises in #3?  Was I thinking like that armpit sound boys in 5th grade made?  I didn't even know how to do that.  Still don't.  Was it snorting when laughing?  I wish my younger self was more specific.
2.  Re-read #4.   I will give out encouragement to those who do not feel they are not doing good.  That would be the people who think they are doing good.  I really wanted to lather those feel-gooders up.
3.  Uh, #11?  Still struggling with that one 18 years later. 

There you have it The 12 Step Program to Be a Better Friend.  Review the list... and then... review your life.

Last years A to Z: N is For Number 1.  It's the best possible music flashback.


Juli said...

Number 7... I'm convinced that's why it took Tony and I 9 years to get married... yip. still working on sharing.

Dawn said...

Love it all!! AND I love that you kept the list!!! You were a very wise 11 year old.

Beth Willmore said...

Oh my heck I am laughing!! I need to put the "not being bossy" one on my list too!

Ok and onto your last post (which I so rudely didn't comment on). There's only one thing you can do when your kids sing different lyrics that they learned from daddy... punch that said daddy in the junk and yell, "YOU KNOW WHY!" (Seen What Happens in Vegas?) Then laugh like a maniac. That will teach him to teach rude lyrics to the kids! :)