Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hottie

My celebrity crush list has adapted once again. The only thing constant is change- whaddup.

My list started in 2008 with:

1.  Phil Mickelson
2.  Jim Cramer
3.  Stephen Colbert

Valid reasons and drool worthy pictures found here.(Psht...as if I needed to defend those choices.  Pa-lease.)

A little later I added Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson.  Claiming I'd watch any (properly rated) movie they were in.  Even the dumb ones.  So... yeah... any of their movies.  And I stand by that claim.  Because, Robert Pattinson, you're on my list- but I don't like you for your acting skills.  Do you know whatI'msayin?  *pulls chin down to neck and shakes head loosely* YouknowwhatI'msaying?
Then, I got into a phase with fictional characters.
Ari Gold from Entourage. Golden Bad Boy.
Ron Weasley.  Oh, Ron.
Peeta is still fresh in my mind.  And dreams.  And I'm still writing our names on the back of my notebooks. *sigh* Oh Peeta.  The odds are so in your favor.

That takes our total to eight.  And a list of eight just feels incomplete.
To even the score.
One fictional.  One real.

9.  Barney Stinson
Barney is from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.  He loves suits.  And he loves women.  Eh... maybe he just loves their boobs.  He writes a blog.  Mostly about the bro code.  I don't know what it is that is so hypnotic.  The one night stands every night?  The clothes?  The eyes?  The singing?  No.  No.  That's not it.  I think it's all the cheesy one liners.  I'm a sucker for a pun.  And, Barney, though you may be numerically #9 on the list... you are #1 in my heart.

10.  Leonard Cohen.
I'll let the man speak/sing for himself.
Chills, right?  Sexy, right?

I could listen to him all day. And for the last three days I have been. And how he looks right.  at.  you.  Whoa. Swoon.
So!  That completes the list.

1.  Phil Mickelson
2.  Jim Cramer
3.  Stephen Colbert
4.  Hugh Jackman
5.  Robert Pattinson
6.  Ari Gold
7.  Ron Weasley
8.  Peeta Mellark
9.  Barney Stinson
10. Leonard Cohen

Whew!  Zing zing baby!

Last year's A to Z: H is for Hirable.  I take you on a comic journey of my first few jobs.


Chris Loves Julia said...

Interesting taste. Hahahaha.

Rowena said...

Strange choice! None of them make my top 10 but we all have to be different eh?

Beth Willmore said...

Ok did you see that 'How I met your mother' when Barney was talking about his "first time" with a woman?... If not you HAVE to look it up and watch it!

"So I was working at a summer camp in the Catskills. I met a girl, they called her Baby..."

Freaking hilarious!!

Juli said...

I'm with you on Jackman, Colbert and NPH as himself. Yes, I know he's gay. Don't care. I'm married. It's never gonna happen anyway... but a girl can dream....

Teresa Coltrin said...

Great choices.