Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Update

Last night we put Koley in his bed, said good night, and left.  There were tears, pleading, some knocking, some coaxing, and some giggling.  It took 45 minutes.  We didn't go in.
After I had gotten on the treadmill and showered I checked in on the little sprout. 
Zonked.  In his bed.  Tucked in. 
The kid knows how to take care of himself after all.

I'm hoping tonight the shenanigan only lasts 15 minutes.  Heck.  If I'm hoping... I hope it doesn't happen at all!  I hope we give him his bath, jammy him up, lay him in bed, he tells us what wonderful parents we are, then closes his eyes and sleeps until 10 AM. 
Yeah.  That's what I hope happens.

I also hope all this treadmill crap pays off.  I'm doing 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.  It's one of those built in programs.  You know.. you start on a 2 and it's like... I'm not even moving!  So you bump it up to a 4... and the treadmill re-adjusts the whole thing... so you end up running at an 8.  When you were supposed to max out at 6.  And you're pretty sure that anyone with shorter legs than you couldn't run at an 8.  And you're sprinting and talking yourself out of standing on the sides for a second.  And the timer is running down and you only have to run for 7 more seconds.  Three.  Two. ErrrrrrRRRRRRRRR!  <-- Incline.  Speed 5.  Incline 8.  Yeah.  I stand on the side for part of that.
But I'm sweaty and that feels good.  And I'm sleeping better.  But I think that's because Joey sleeps all night now.
Currently on the look out for a running song.
I've been listening to a LOT of Eminem when I'm on there.  Could be the gray sweatpants I'm wearing.
But, if you come within 15 feet of the garage around 8 o'clock.. you'll here some breathless karaoke to "The Way I Am."

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Juli said...

You know that there are whole web sites dedicated to just songs for running. No lie. Look up music with over 145 BPM (Beats per minute)

My favorites right now...

Catch my breath (K. Clarkson)
Raise Your Glass (Pink)
And Krytonite (Which evidently has a 195 BPM, whatever... I just know I put it at 36 minutes in my playlist to get me through the finish line.)

And Yeah on Kole!! And you know.. if you put the ear buds in, you'd never even hear him. :)

DoublClik said...

Yee-hessss! WAY I AM! Well heck while you're listening to Eminem you might as well run an 8 MILE....get it?

vicks27 said...

Check out my running playlist on Spotify, sister. And keep it up-- I'm running the marathon in 10 days.

Kar said...

2.5 miles in 30 minutes is really good time, Patsters. I'm impressed! Guess what I did? Went cold-turkey off of Coke. Hating it, but sticking with it.

Anonymous said...

When I used to go road running I listened to Eminem and yes, he is GREAT music to pump those legs to!