Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Koler-roosk

The kid is 2 and talks like (and thinks) he is 28.  He looks like Ken but acts like me.  His favorite things to say right now are:

1.  You're a bossy Mom.
2.  Uhhh... let me think about that one sec.
3.  Check it out.
4.  I'm a sad snake.
5.  I need something.
6.  Hmmm. It's hard to say.  (uses this when I give two choice for breakfast/clothes/trains/games)
7.  I gotcha.  IIIIIIII gotcha.
8.  It's such a beautiful day out.  I should play in the dirt today.
9.  I'll be very careful.
10.  I could use a little treat. favorite.
11.  Let's put Joey down for a nap and chit chat.

Worth pointing out:  Kole doesn't know what bossy means.  At first I thought he knew what it meant because he used it in context.  I'd ask him to eat his cereal- "You're being bossy."  Put your shoes on.  "You're a bossy Mom."  Picture gotten.  Then he'd be playing and say, "Hold on, I gotta get my bossy engine."  ???  Or "Joey is crying because he is bossy. ???  And "I don't want to take a nap, I'm too bossy."  Yeah.  He's in left field kicking the grass on "bossy."
Also: He thinks "something" is an object.  Like a pen is a pen.  Something is a thing he can hold.  Not a pronoun.  So, a few times a day I russle with Koley saying, "I need something."  And I ask, "What thing?" "Something!"  "Yeah- but what?"  "SOMETHING MOM!"  Tears.  Crumbling to the floor.  Becomes a sad snake. <-- Origin unknown.

He's a happy boy with a happy heart.

   Last year's A to Z:  K is for Knockout.  All about pretty Andi Girl.  Spreading some sisterly love.


Jenny said...

He is adorable! I loved this age with my boys. So much energy and enthusiasm.

Have fun with A to Z!

Jenny at Choice City Native

Damyanti said...

Awww...a sad snake. I so love that. You have such a cute boy!

Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

Twitter: @AprilA2Z
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mare ball said...

what a cutie-patootie. Love his phrases. I'm a sad snake is a hoot! I'm popping in from the a-z, and am going to follow, b/c you just seem cool. :-)
from The Dugout

Juli said...

Youngest had 3 and 4 syllable words down before he was 3. Sadly, he was the only one who knew what they meant. Like Eguessive. Which evidently was his word for aggressive, which I discovered when he used it in a question about sharks.

Deep thinker he is.