Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Taking Charge

This is how bed time used to be with Kole:
Lotion and dress.
Lights off.
Total time elapsed?  Ehhhh.... 15 minutes?

This is how bed time is now (<---- since he moved to a big bed 10 months ago.)
Stalling in the tub.
I want to push the button.  This water was a little too warm let's start over.  Wrong towel!
Wrestle into clothes.  Well... at least the pants amid complaints of:
This is too small.  Wah. Too tight. Wah. Wrong jammies!  Wah.  I don't like those!  Wah.
Kole runs out of the room without a shirt on.
I get him.
Happy screaming from Koley.
Angry screaming in my head.
Get shirt on Kole.
Do burrito swing.
Prayer time.  I don't think I should really be able to call it prayer time.  Because I am saying a prayer.  Ken is watching Kole and Kole is doing whatever the "H" he feels like.
Normally rolling on the floor squeaking about Thomas the Tank Engine.
Lights off.
Lights back on because Kole wants to do it.
Lights off.
Chompy Dovey.
Special Talk.
Kiss from Daddy.
Chompy Dovey from Daddy.
Chuggy Chuggy from Daddy.
Special Talk from Daddy.
We leave.

Quiet for 35 seconds.

Knocking on the door.
Mom?  Mom?  Mom?
Books start getting slid under the door.
Goes for 5 minutes.

Crying starts.
Door kicking.
I go in there.
"I need something, Mom?"
 It's terrible.  And all my fault.

It's been 10 months in forming the worst habit ever.  A habit that's there every night.  For 2 and a half hours.  And I'm sick-of-it!I get so fuming mad at him for not going to bed and really.... he's 2.  So, it's my fault he doesn't do it right. It's my fault for going in there over and over and over.  Me and Super Nanny give me a lot of crap after I've given into 768 requests from what should be a sleeping Koley.
The Bad Sloppy Unable to Discipline Mom groupies came over and asked me to be their President.
That's when I knew it was way worse than I thought.  AND!  I start looking forward to bedtime at like 3:30 in the afternoon.  So when it's supposed to be at 7 and it happens at 9:30... I'm not saying anything nice in my head.  And I'm normally not talking at all.  I am walking silently and rigidly around the house with my jaw clenched and one eyebrow up.  It's my angry stance.

So, to end the humiliation and bad feelings towards a genuinely sweet kid, I'm taking charge!  I am 14 times his age... and way more times smarter than him.  Although my sentence structure and grammar proves otherwise.  I've created a chart with Sleep Rules.  And we are going to have a lesson about going to bed the right way.  And there's a reward system.  And if he gets up and pounds on the door- I'll walk in and not talk and put him right back in bed.  No sympathies.  No coddling.  The buck stops here, Koler-roosk. 
And so does the bowls of crackers, refills on water, extra snuggles, late night readings from Who Put The Pepper In The Pot, checking under the bed, looking out the window for train engines, and getting your stuffed animals dressed for bed. 

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Chris and Dani said...

I'd love to hear if you figure it out. This week it has taken at least 2 hours for Noah to go to bed. And if I don't give in to his cries, he screams forever about how he is starving, has to pee, he's scared or anything else that sounds like he might not survive the night! I feel like I'm constantly sleep training my child! Hope you get some better nights soon!

Juli said...

Just as long as you're not president of the "worst Mom Ever Club". That's my job.

Seriously. I had two under two when they HAD to go to big beds. I spun the doorknob around so it locked on the outside and didn't go in until it was silent.

We have pictures of them sleeping on the floor, wrapped up in blankets and a diaper.

The good news? Now at 11 and 12... for the most part, when they go to bed, they stay in bed.

Ginger Bradley said...

Too many choices
one pair of pj's will be fine - wash daily if needed
one story
one kiss
one lights out and one clock that says 8:00 (or whatever) time for bed
I never closed a door

Beth Willmore said...

You go woman!!! Putting the kids to bed is rough! I've got mine down to a science, all 3 kids in bed by 7. Amazing!!

You're right though, it's just about a routine. I decided that for my own sanity I had to have a routine so I could have some "mom time" at night after they went to bed!

You're on the right track, you just don't give in to their whims. I just come downstairs after I put them to bed and don't go back up again! It's hard at first, but it doesn't take them long to figure it out that it REALLY is time for bed and you're not coming back! :)

You're a great mom and good luck!!

T. Drecker said...

*haha* Sounds familiar. I take the constant running up and down the stairs as my nightly work-out.

Kar said...

Oh MAN. That sounds exhausting. I do what Juli does - lock 'em in. They can cry me a river. It's bedtime. They're fed, clean, changed, have water in sippies...they have all they need to fend for themselves. I learned the lock 'em in trick when Dylan was 2 and came out fifty times per night at bedtime. I just about throttled that kid.