Thursday, April 11, 2013

J Is For Joey. Poor Second-hand Joey.

Because Joey was not only my second child but my second son he's got a lot second hand.  Typical mom move.  Joey doesn't know anyway.
But as the last nine months have passed, I think Joey has gotten about 9 new outfits.  All the rest have been Koley hand me downs.  He's using Koley's old crib, drinking from Koley's old bottles, and bathing in Koley's old baby tub.  Joey bounces in Koley's old blue horse, get his diaper changed on Koley's old changing table, and takes walks with me in Koley's old stroller.
Sometimes I think Joey even gets second-hand parenting.  First class... but second hand.  Like with Kole I was so strict about bed time and naps and the duration thereof.  There was a strict schedule and there was no wavering.  When it was time for Koley to sleep through the night.... I quit going in there.  Kole never had anything sweet or sugary until he tasted cake on his first birthday... and then there was that 12 months in between his 1st and 2nd birthday that was pretty void of sweets also.  Wert.
With Joey... eh!  I nibble off a piece of my Oreo for him here and there.  I'll let him take a bite of cheese even though he's not one.  I'll take him out of his crib and let him watch The Wonder Years with me if he's gonna cry about.  It's a looser ship.  And when Ken gives me a sideways look that says Abnormal Patty Parenting Happening, I raise my fake glass and say with a smile, "It's 5:00 somewhere!"  Cheers!
With the parenting Joey has kinda lucked out with the second-hand stuff... but in all other ways... he seriously gets the shaft.  For instance:
If Kole takes something from Joe he has to replace it with something else.  If Kole takes a train from Joey he should give him another one.  I thought this was working pretty well.  I'd always hear Joey cry and then Kole chirp, "Here you go!" and the crying would stop.  So I figured all was well.  But Monday I heard Joey cry, looked in on the situation, saw Koley had taken a light up toy that played music from Joey.  I said, "Hey.  What do you need to do now?"  Koley, ne'er missing a beat, chirped, "Here you go, Joe!"  and threw a sock in Joey's general direction.  A sock.  Not a comparable toy.  Not a toy at all!  A sock that Ken took off after work and tucked under the couch.  Here you go Joey!  Sorry you were born second.  Sucks for you!
Yesterday, I saw Joey's tide had the opportunity to change.  He had outgrown Koley's old carrier car seat and it was time for his very own new one.  Mint condition.  Never before used.  Complete with leather trim and cup holder.  All his own to carry him through 3 levels of automobile safety.  During nap time I hauled it out to the Subaru and started reading through the Installation directions.  In case you've never had a modern day car seat... there's a reason it's called Installation.  It's a process.  And a bear.
As I read the new manual I found out Joey's seat can not be used as a rear-facing.  Only forward.  And all children under one have to be rear-facing. Sad turn of events.  My arms dropped, my heart dropped, and my head dropped... to see Koley's old stained car seat strapped into the car.  It was covered with Goldfish crumbs and mud from Kole's shoes.  It was wet from where he spilled his water that morning on the way to the store.  It just looked beat up.  But- it could face backwards. It took an hour and a half but I got both car seats in, attached, and facing the right way.
Koley, us usual, got something new and shiny and never before used.
And Joey got a worn out piece of Koley memorabelia.
But on the positive side, I kept Joey's streak of second-hand hand me downs in tact.
Go Joey!
Here's Joseph sporting Kole's old Boise State sleeper.

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Beth Willmore said...

Oh man that is SO the way it is with subsequent children!! Poor Mason (our 3rd) is lucky to not be left at a store somewhere on a daily basis!
He gets nothing new and it's the same with schedules here. Meg & Parker always napped in a silent house at exactly the same time every day. Now Park & Mace share a room and it's just chaos. Poor little 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 17th, children...!

Rebecka Vigus said...

Joey is going to be fine. You now have the benefit of knowing what comes next. With Kole you were learning too. Best of luck to you.

T. Drecker said...

LOL! A sock! They test things, don't they? Don't worry about Joey, he might get 2nd hand things (honestly, he doesn't notice or care for years), but he also gets a Mom who's a bit more experienced and over those first rough bumps. When I look at my first two compared to my second two, I just shake my head. My 2nd two don't have nearly the strict rules the 1st 2 had-plus, they have someone to look up to and ask for help.

Angeline Trevena said...

Hahaha! A sock! I was the 3rd of 5 children, and my Mum says you give up parenting altogether by No 3 (thanks Mum!)

I lived in hand-me-downs, but never really cared, it was just life.

Even sitting at school in my faded jumper handed down from my brother, while my friends were in their dark, clean, new style jumpers, I didn't really care.

Juli said...

Tony was the unexpected last of 4 kids. Oldest and Youngest are only 16 months apart so ALL of Youngest's clothes, toys, everything are passed down.

When we got married Tony would have none of that. So much so that Youngest gets new clothes/shoes/crap that he doesn't want/need/ask for. He actually LIKES some of the hand me downs. *sigh*

And I am left packing up brand spanking new clothes (with TAGS!) for charity.