Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pushy Parenting

Kole's friend, Triston, spent the afternoon with us on Monday and I was shocked by how bossy and authoritative Kole became around his friend.  It was... out of Kole's character.

They'd be pushing their trains on the little wooden track and Kole would stop Triston and say:
Actually, THIS is how you push your train.  And then give a demonstration.

I'd tell Kole there were lots of ways to push a train and let Triston push his however he wants.

We were cuddling up to read a book under the blankets and Kole stops the group.
"Actually, THIS is how you get under the blankets."  Demonstration followed.  "See?  You try."

I explained there is no right or wrong way to be cozy.  People just do what feels good.
It continued all day.

Snack time.
Actually, THIS is how you eat a Oreo.

Actually, THIS is how you act like a puppy.

Actually, THIS is how you color your page.

Actually, THIS is how you look out the window.

Actually, THIS is how you drive a truck backwards.

Actually, THIS is how a cow sounds.

He was getting under my skin, I can't imagine how poor Triston felt.  When his mom came to get him I relayed the story and told her my fear that Kole would never make friends... because who wants to be with someone who constantly corrects you?  Ugh.  Annoying.  When I told Ken I added,  "Where does he get that?"  Ken shrugged.  Kids have lots of unsolved mysteries.

That night I was giving Joey his bath and Kole came in and said, "Look Mom!  I got some pepperoni from the bakery!"
To which I responded:
"Actually, you get pepperoni from the deli."

My mouth went dry.  My face burned.
Mystery solved.

Last year's A to Z: P is for Perm.  I got my hair permed right before I entered 4th grade.  And I was a hottie!


Juli said...


happens to me all the time.

When their father was alive I could blame LOTS on him. Not so much now.

Course, Tony's a great scapegoat.

Rowena said...

Very funny! Parents are always to blame...hee hee

Kar said...

Hahahaha! Love that. As always, I'm amazed at Kole's maturity and his language skillz. I'm rejoicing because Gage said, "Yay!" for the first time today. Baby steps. :)

Abigail said...

oh my word. that perm post....your fourth grade picture almost looks just like my 5th grade picture...except my curl was an act of God rather than my choice. I'm pretty sure we had the same glasses even....

Sometimes I hear my girls sounding just like me. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cringe.