Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best is Yet to Come

Tomorrow me and Ken celebrate our 3 year anniversary. As a friend said, that is nothing to sneeze at. I got to thinking about that and realized that... Yeah! I am pretty proud of being married for 3 years (minus one day). When we were engaged a bunch of people told us that the first year is great, no problem. It'll be fine. But the second year. Ugh. If you can make it past the second year you'll make it forever. I think our first 2 years were smooth sailing and this past year we really grew and fused together as a couple.

So, the eve before each of my birthdays I write in my journal things I learned that year. And it's normally like- "23 Things I Learned Being 23." But to only have 3 things learned while being married 3 years- is so cheap. I've learned a lot more. But I am going to say I'll share 10 things. So, here it is:

10 Things I've Learned in 3 Years of Marriage

10. Watching a really lame TV show about the engineering behind building a bridge and not complaining means a lot to my husband. It's the time spent together.

9. The words, "What can I do for you?" can make a marriage last forever.

8. Go to bed at the same time- even if one of you is sick and wants to go to bed at 8:00. Just do it.

7. Be united- but keep your individuality. Ken likes to golf and I like to swim. No harm there.

6. Listen to the whole idea or story before jumping to conclusions or solutions. I've learned to start by saying, "Hear me out." Then I know I can get all my ideas out there and we can really talk about it.

5. There isn't an answer to every problem.

4. You have to talk to each other everyday even when there is not that much to say. Even when today was exactly the same as yesterday. Even when you'd rather not. You just have to.

3. Teasing each other is fun and keeps the fire burning and all but can turn bad... really fast.

2. Date nights work. Even when date night means turning off our cell phones and playing Scrabble together. It still counts.

1. Love is free.

It's been fantastic. Ken is unbelievably good to me. I love him.


johnandjana said...

Patty, It was fun to find your blog. Your ideas about marriage are so good. Great advice for all of us. John and I have been married for 34 years and it just gets better.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Patty, I am glad you commented on my blog! You two are cute together! Great things you have learned in marriage! We need to see you guys more often!

Karlenn said...

Very wise words of marital advice. I need to work on a couple of those. And I agree about how teasing can turn bad, fast. I tell Ben not to even go there, because I'm just too sensitive and always take it wrong.