Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday Night- Date Night

Ken and I go on a date night every Friday. Sometimes we go to dinner- sometimes we go to the movies. There are times we go bowling or out with friends and there are times when our date night is phones off, leftovers, and Talladega Nights (which we have seen over 100 times.) This past Friday night was the best date night we have had in a while! We babysat Ben and Karlenn's kids for them while they went on a date night. I was so excited all day I couldn't wait for them to go. And then like a half hour before I got really super nervous. They might not like me. I'm not that fun. What if I get mad? We don't have any kid toys. What are we going to do? Ken calmed me down and told me I had a pretty good imagination. I stood my post at the window waiting for them to come.
I had a blast! At first, it was a little awkward. I haven't been around kids that aren't family in 7 or 8 years probably. I was rusty. They have 3 kids. Dylan, Sadie, and Micah. Micah is the baby and Ken said he'd be in charge of the baby. (baby-hogger) He did not let go of that baby the whole time! I didn't even get to hold him! But that was okay because I was partying with Dylan and Sadie! They have incredible ideas and imaginations and love to talk. The hardest part was listening to both of them at the same time and trying to give responses.
Rusty was no help whatsoever. Our original plan was Ken and Rusty could read in the back room and I'd have the kids in the kitchen. But Rusty would not have of that. He wanted to be in the action. But Rusty, bless his heart, forgets that he towers over small children. And although he wouldn't hurt them he can traumatize them for life. So I "locked" Dylan and Sadie in the kitchen (not really Karlenn I just closed both doors and warned them about what would happen if they came out) and released the hound. Who ran and jumped and barked around the coffee table 5 or 6 times before plummeting down the steps to his play area. I locked (literally) him downstairs and the night went smoothly. I came up to the kitchen and Dylan and Sadie just stared at me all wide eyed and spooked. Dylan spoke first. He's a big dog. Yes, he is.
We had drawing contests, made a big animal poster, played with Tonka trucks, played Beauty and the Beast, learned how to catch popcorn in our mouths, made a fort, sampled cookies, made a golf ball noise tube, and heck- I had a good time.
I'd have them back anytime!

This is the fort we made in the living room. You can unfold the canopy for more privacy.

We have a Kennywood arrow on our fridge (you Pittsburghers know what that is). Intermittently throughout the night Dylan would go in, change the direction, and get this silly smile on his face. I asked him what that was all about. He smiled even bigger! "You see, you come here and change the arrow, (changes arrow) and that is where Rusty has to go! Downstairs (change arrow), upstairs (change arrow), upside down!" The laughter was uncontrollable then. He got such a kick out of it- but wasn't so into posing for the picture.

Sweet Sadie. I have "magnetic" paper dolls. It's Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Sadie was so good! She's sit there and make new outfits and then bring it over to show me it was a "gweeen dwess." She also was very proud of her Hannah Montana T-shirt. And ought to be!

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Karlenn said...

Hey! I'm so glad you posted about this! Yay! I love to steal pictures from peoples' blogs! I'm glad the kids were good for you. And it was fun to hear the particulars from your evening with them. You are an amazing baby-sitter! When I baby-sit, I'm like, go play with the toys, guys... :) Thanks for giving up your date night for us. :)