Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sexy Little Bridal Shower

Last night my lil' sister Julie had her bridal shower. She gets married November 8th and is the most beautiful bride out there. No joke- she's stinking hot. We had her shower at her friend Jan's house and her sisters, some BFFs, and the girls she worked with came. When we got there the host had us lean over without bending our knees and trace our hands and then sign where we traced. It seemed really silly- but turns out it was a game. She wrote down what each person said while there were trying to bend over and trace and then that is what Julie and Chris (her fiance) will be saying on their wedding night. People said things like "This is where yoga really come in handy." "Ouch! I just can't bend like that." "I'm going to turn this way so you can't see my bum." It was funny and sweet Julie was so red. Cute.

We played a Chris trivia game and Julie got 12 out of 20 right. In her defense- some of the questions were tough. Like how old was Chris when he had his first crush. What?! I don't know that about Ken and we're making it alright.

Julie totally scored on gifts too. She got 5 or 6 giftcards to places like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart. I heart giftcards. My youngest sister Andi got her wine and martini glasses. You have to know Andi. To brief you: Andi drinks everything out of a wine glass or champagne flute. She thinks it's more special that way. I mean everything. Milk, orange juice, water, pop, and of course sparkling cider. But it always looks like my parents just hosted a party because there are fancy glasses everywhere. Anyway- back to Jules. She got some basic home stuff; towels, potholders, and candles. I got her games. "In a Pickle" and "Clue." I remember getting married and at my bridal shower I got a ton (A TON) of things to take care of a house. Laundry baskets, nice detergents, cleaning caddies, toilet scrubbers, all that stuff. And I was like, "I guess I am becoming a servant." No one told me how fun being married is. No one told me how great it is to pop popcorn and turn on your favorite CDs and play games with your husband. So I wanted her to know that right off the bat. Plus, Julie is about the biggest gamer alive and Clue is her favorite board game. So, I think she liked it.

9 days in counting to the big day!

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Karlenn said...

That is so funny, about Andi drinking out of "special glasses." That made me laugh, how, at your shower, you were like, "I guess I'm becoming a servant." Yeah, I didn't feel like a servant when it was just me and Ben. But now... dang. Just now, Dylan was like, "Where's my KOOL-AID?" I was like, oh, dude, you're going to time-out. I'm not your freakin' slave. Grrrr.