Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreams Come True

I taught a Relief Society Super Saturday class about blogging- that was a relative failure or so I thought. Today I discovered Larae's blog. She's doing it! And thriving. This must be what a proud mother feels like. I am a little teary and feel very satisfied. Check her out-


Gramma & Grampa said...

I should sign in, in a different name, I'm not everyones Gramma! :) Oh well....!
I'm really glad you found my blog. I wanted to email you my link but didn't have your email address. I got your blog from Megan's. I hope thats ok?
Anyway, Thank you for helping me. I had a great time putting it together. It took me a whole day but it was fun. And I already have my grandkids responding.
My only concern now is, Halloween is going to be over pretty soon and I can't remember how to change to back ground... I might have Halloween there for a long time.... :) It's a good thing it's just about my favorite holiday!
Be expecting a phone call!
Thank you again Patty, you did a Great Job. And I'm glad we got to work together.

Karlenn said...

Hey!! That's the lady I was telling you about, Patty! So her name is LaRae... she is soooo nice. I put her on my blogroll. I want to get to know her better.