Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bradley Girls

I am a Bradley Girl. My maiden name is Bradley. I was Patty Bradley. I thought that had the cutest ring to it. So quaint and a little coy. (Apparently, slightly conceited.) Then I met and married Ken and became Patty Poulsen. The double P has a nice ring to it as well. But there are things I miss about being a Bradley Girl. There were only girls in the Bradley family. 5 of them. Krissy, Vicky, Patty, Julie, and Andi. My parents wanted all our names to end with the "eeee" sound. All of our full names end with the "ah" sound. Kristina, Victoria, Patricia, Julia, Andrea. I've never been into the whole name game thing with your kids. Like all J's or S's. But I think my parents were pretty clever. Anyway, things I miss about being a Bradley Girl. We had the most ridiculous rules. Especially regarding Sundays.

1. You have to wear your dress all day.
2. You can only watch a musical. Disney movies are not musicals.
3. If you are taking a nap it must be less than one hour- or it is "sleeping" not "napping."

The list went on. But we were so connected. My oldest sister was born in 1981 and my youngest sister was born in 1987. 6 years. Yeah- we were tight. We were always making up games together. We all had "supper jobs" which had to be done after supper. Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, wash the counters, sweep the floor. Our kitchen floor had green tiles in the middle and grey tiles on the outer edge. The game was someone was "it" and they could only tag you if you were on the green tiles. So we cleaned the kitchen creeping around the edges staying only on the grey tiles. It was called, "Grey." We also had, "Ship," "Wolves," "Legs," "Sounds," "Office," etc etc etc. I loved that we played games together all the time. I loved that we didn't have a lot of toys so had to make something up. It inspired creativity.

We also had a band. Well the little girls did. There were the "big girls" which was Krissy and Vicky and then the "little girls." Me, Julie, and Andi. The little girls had a band named Flower Power. I was the band manager. I am laughing right now- because... what did I do as "band manager." I booked the gigs of course! We played a show for the big girls, one for mom and dad, and one for Uncle Joe as I remember. And at your request I will gladly sing any of our 3 hits. "Necessarily." "Confusion." "Can't Get You Out of My Head." We wrote all of our songs ourselves. They're... funny.

My favorite thing about being a Bradley Girl is when we all get together and talk and laugh about this stuff. We all remember it. It's great.

AND!!! I want to hear about your "old" families. Not you and your kids- but you and your siblings. This isn't an official "tag." But it's definitely a tag.

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Karlenn said...

I'm on it! Your family reminds me a lot of mine. Lots of girls = lots of silliness! How cute. And, um, is it fair that all of you look like models? Nope.