Friday, October 3, 2008


Me and Ken signed up for Netflix roughly 3 weeks ago. We love to watch movies and hate to bring them back. We were basically handing our life savings over to Hastings. Enough of that! The Fosters introduced us to RedBox which was the coolest thing ever, or so we thought. The one at the Albertsons on 17th is SO slow! And there are always people there with 100 screaming kids! I have no problem with kids. I love kids! I want kids! But-when they are putting their sticky grimy hands all over the RedBox stand because their mother won't give them any attention- oooo! It gets to me! But maybe I'll understand that more when I am a beloved mother. Anyway- it took awhile but I convinced Ken to sign up for Netflix. We got the $13.99 a month plan. 2 movies at a time- unlimited rentals per month- and unlimited movie watching from your computer. It's AWESOME! I love getting those bright red envelopes in my mailbox. It really is like the commercials. Where the characters are waiting for you. Oh, I love it! Except me and Ken are total addicts and can't control ourselves. So we started with 2 movies. And thought we'll watch one, put it in the mail, watch the next one the next night, put it in the mail and by then we'll have a new one. Wrong! We gorge. Watch 2 in a night and then sit and look at each other like- what do we do now? We don't have a NetFlix? Sad. However, we'll get on schedule! AND I highly recommend this service to everyone. Especially people who hate going to the video store. The selection really is incredible! We've got all seasons of Seinfeld waiting in line to come visit us. Yippee! Also- there are plans as cheap as 8.99 a month. I can't think of a reason NOT to have Netflix. In closing, if anyone knows how the Netflix factory works let me know. I like to imagine that they have a worker just for me and Ken. And everytime we send in our movie request our little NetFlix elf smiles and shakes his little elf head as if he just KNEW we would pick that movie. (But that can't be it.)


Kara & Levi said...

I'm so happy you have a blog too! I didn't know this!! Yes I'm in love with my pups. And yours looks so fun! Read Marley & Me if you haven't! It totally makes me think of you and your big cute doggy.

Karlenn said...

That is a good idea, dude. How much does it cost per month?