Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cosmic Connection

Today I had lunch with Natty. Natty is my friend who I simply adore. Not only is she absolutely crazy and shameless enough to do just about anything with me.... she is incredibly smart. She's super into politics right now. If you are voting for Obama... don't tell her. On second though, DO tell her! She will change your mind. She does her research. Today we had lunch together and found out that we grew up together! (I was raised in Pennsylvania and she was raised in Washington) but somehow when she thinks of her childhood- she remembers me being there. And vica versa. Just today she was talking about all the fun we used to have at Jefferson Park. And then someone spray painted it and they had to fix it all up again. We've actually only known each other for 3 years, maybe 3 and a half. But there is an amazing connection. I'm really glad she lives in Idaho.
I got to thinking after she left that it's really rare to have a great friend. A really awesome friend that you can be yourself with and you feel so close it's like you shared the same childhood. I know you all have one. So, call her today. Ask her to lunch. Don't let it die.
If it's been awhile, let me give you some conversation starters/topics to talk about over lunch.

1. Come up with your new secret handshake.
Me and Nat go in for a hug and shuffle our feet really fast until we meet in the middle. Don't copy us.
2. Pick a friendship song.
Ours is "Get Here" by Oleda Adams. Don't copy us. But DO download this song... it's killer.
3. Set a new tradition or meeting place.
Nat and I have lunch once a week and sometimes we pack lunches. Also we are going to start watching Ghost Hunters together Wednesday nights while our husbands are gone.

The most important this is keeping that connection. You might not make it with any one else! Nat, sorry I stole this pic off your MySpace... couldn't find one of JUST you!

And Tracey, if you are reading this, please comment and let me into your life. Maybe we'll have a connection.... who knows.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Ok Patty, your blog is fun and creative to read! I have really enjoyed it! You seem like such a fun girl to be around. My cousin Kenny sure is lucky! Yes, make sure he reads this!

Natalie said...

Patty YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Ya know, I couldn't be happier that Nat has a great friend in Idaho. I know she misses her friends back home and it's really nice to hear that she has a friend she can be herself around. Someone to sit around and do nothing with, someone to be crazy with, and someone to watch shows with. That is EXACTLY how we are together and I miss that tremendously.

Karlenn said...

She seems so cool. I miss my buddy in Utah. I love your special greeting. That's so cute!