Friday, October 24, 2008

The National Debt

After the 2nd presidential date a few weeks ago (maybe more) I blogged about my great idea on how to figure out who the president should be. If you didn't read it, shame on you, it's called "A New Republic" and should be a mandatory read in high schools nationwide. To get back on task... in that blog I mentioned that I had a killer (KILLER!) idea on how to get rid of the national debt. Rumor has it that the national debt is over $10.5 trillion dollars. That's a lot of bread, folks. It needs cut, reduced, or eliminated. John McCain wants all spending freeze. Then, he wants to take a hatchet and chop off all excess spending. Barack Obama wants to take a scalpel, and delicately cut through the debt. I have a better idea than both of them.
Consider the following box office revenues for their first 3-5 days of screening:

Batman: The Dark Knight- $355.6 million

SpiderMan 2- $152.4 million

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End- $142.1 million

Transformers: $152.5 million

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix- $330.3 million

I am Legend: $128.5

If you total those up you get $1.1 billion dollars. In less than a week. LESS THAN A WEEK! Now, it was reported that each of these movies grosses over $852 million dollars before they left the theaters. That brings us to over 5 billion dollars, a decent chunk of the national debt. Do you see where I am going here?

I think the government needs to make a movie. And not some gay documentary about the building of America. They need a box office hit. They need a Batman. A Harry Potter. AND- there are always those liberal actors who are saying that this country needs our help. They should be the ones to volunteer to act in it. C'mon Ms. Jolie- show us what a goodwill ambassador you really are- and do something for your own country. I think if they got some good/popular actors- and had a studio donate equipment or whatever (total tax write off) then they could make a good movie! And if no one knew it was made my the government they might go see it! I think everyone would go see the next Batman movie anyway. And the Harry Potter movies are just a goldmine. We're not even getting into merchandise here. Think about it, if all the acting was done for free, and the production was sponsored or donated or however that works, all those revenues would be total profit. When applied straight to the national debt, BAM! What national debt??

People, are you with me? Can I get an AMEN!


Poulsen Family said...

Hey I saw your link on Lindsay's blog-and was happy to see you have our link on your blog! I LOVE your idea about getting rid of the nation's debt.

Lyner said...

That is hilarious! Good idea!
P.S. This is Lindsey Luckau

Kara & Levi said...

And Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon...they're big on talk about our country being in such debt and how we should all just buy hybrids to help the earth, yada yada...also Madonna. There is a handful of actors/actresses to go in it!

Harrigfeld said...

I knew you were smart but that smart? You go girl- AMEN!!

Karlenn said...

Amen!!! That is a fabulous idea.