Monday, October 27, 2008

Mic Check

I'm a new person, so watch out world! I have a whole new level of self-sonfidence. (Just what I needed, right?) I am happier. I feel in control. I feel powerful. I feel more free than I ever have. It's the new Patty!

I can tell you how to do it too. All you have to do is make a mix of your favorite songs to sing. The ones you really love to belt out, even if you're a "marginal" singer. There are 21 songs on my mix and I called it "Mic Check." I called it Mic Check because I need to play it when I think I am losing myself to something. My job, my routine, my anything! My mix will remind me of me! Of who I am and what I like. So after you have your mic check the next step is to sing them! Turn on the CD player, turn it up louder than you ever have (even if it's just by one notch higher) and sing your songs! Grab a wooden spoon. Stand in front of the mirror. Shake your hiney- but sing them!

It's liberating.

(Some track suggestions: You Don't Own Me-Bette Midler and The First Wives Club, Proud Mary-Tina Turner, Hate Myself in the Morning- Leann Womack, Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin.)

You have your favorites. Use those. Sing those. Free yourself. You'll be surprised.


Karlenn said...

Good idea! I have lots of singable songs in my Jetta, but since Ben has taken that car over, I need to put them into the Explorer. There is nothing like a singable song to put you back in good spirits. I often blast Prince full-blast when my kids are bugging me.

Lyner said...

what about MILKSHAKE...I will just leave it at that. Great idea you always have the brilliant ideas!