Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Heart Celebs

This weekend Ken and I watched the Love Guru. It didn't get the greatest reviews but I thought it was downright funny. And Ken was laughing so hard he was crying! So I suggest renting it (without children around). Justin Timberlake plays a hockey player in this movie and every time he would show up on the screen Ken would ask, "Do you think he's hot?" Soon it was a joke. And, no, I don't think Justin Timberlake is hot. I have decided to clear the record books. I think I have different taste in celebrity crushes. I am not dissing anyone else's- but I am going to list my top three and then it will be settled and everyone will know better than to ask me if I think Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Michael Phelps, or Zach Efron is hot. I don't.
#1- Phil Mickelson. We've posted about him before. There's a connection there. I can't explain it. Must be in the stars. He always looks so happy! (Must be thinking about me.)

#2 Jim Cramer. If you don't know who he is watch CNBC at 9 PM. He the host of Mad Money. He talks stocks and money management. But he is so egotistical! A real shameless self promoter. And he says he is all the time. He has an incredible memory and has no problem acting like a total buffoon's bottom to get a laugh out of you (or to get the message across). Love him. Tune in for his Friday show...a little after 9:30 they do "The Week That Was" and show all his funniest/craziest highlights from the week. Classic. In this picture he looks like he is from the street. thestreet.com ba-bay!

#3 Stephen Colbert. I am not saying anymore. Stephen Colbert.

But don't worry, Ken. You're still my man.


Natalie said...

Patters we need to talk about your top ten, I'm a little disappointed that George Stephanopoulos didn't make the cut, he's dreamy. Funny thing I wanted to listen to Christmas music this weekend too but Bryce wouldn't let me, so I made my Christmas list instead!!!!

Karlenn said...

That is hilarious! I love that Mad Money guy - sometimes they ask him stuff on the Today show; they showed one of his recent rants the other day. And Michael Phelps - he's a great swimmer, but do people really have CRUSHES on him??? Ew. Not me. This is a fun post. I'll have to do one on my blog about my crushes.